Obnoxious residents

In late April, activists of the “Muscovites against the demolition of an” organized total collection of signatures to demonstrate to the Metropolitan government: people who oppose the law on the renovation, not one. Them, judging by the number of participants in the group, more than fifteen thousand. Activists protesting against the demolition of houses in Moscow, told Radio Liberty, why do they not believe the promises of the authorities.

The collection of signatures was held in the store. Opposite the entrance was a symbolic repair of roads: noise, construction equipment, fences. From all this DIN of people were hiding in the building, where they waited for the activists: “You subscribe or tea to buy?”. The absolute most replied to subscribe.

The organizers of the meeting, the activists of the group “Muscovites against the demolition of” Alexander and Lyudmila — their names are asked not to call. The address they plan to send to the presidential administration, the Federation Council, the Committee on human rights. Per hour was signed by approximately 60 persons. But, as noted by the organizers, it was only the first day of collecting signatures. Similar meetings are held in each district where it is planned the demolition of houses.

— We encourage people to create regional groups. Then we will go to the quarter level. This ensures maximum coverage and the most reliable information, — says Lyudmila. — For example, yesterday the mayor was going to come in the North-East with its circus staging, that he supported the renovation. We told him the plans broke, found present inhabitants, who promptly arrived at the meeting place.


Many interlocutors Radio Liberty willingly left their passport data in the signature sheets, but asked not to reveal their names in the publication. Organizers, in turn, decided not to hang on the front of the store announcement about the collection of signatures against the law on the renovation of Moscow: “Better not, and then who knows what”. However, all expressed their willingness to take the path of resistance to the unfair, in their opinion, actions of the authorities. Their stories with Radio Liberty shared by the residents of several Moscow districts.

“I’m on the edge of the kitchen is the red line name Sobyanin”

Elena Gubareva, the area Vykhino-Zhulebino

“We just came out of one of the corrupt scheme — overhaul of the house, now another begins. In 2018 we have to open metro station “South-East”, so land is expensive. Damaged houses in the area do not. But emergency anyone and do not care. Everyone is interested in only the land. I have now on the edge of the kitchen there is a red line named Sobyanin. Because the kitchen is the only place in the apartment where I did not finish the repairs. Several years tried to create in your home a Scandinavian Paradise: all white, gray, green. And now this renovation, which could destroy everything. But somehow, in Estonia the renovation is when your house is insulated, heating is carried out again, all optimize. And we have — when you are demolished.

In my block of 20 apartments, 19 — over demolition. That is, all except me. The average age of residents who came to the meeting, about 70. A herd of seventy children. They have a completely childish Outlook on life. At the meeting with the Deputy of municipal meeting of Antonina Nikolaeva I asked how many people in the audience read the law. Hand raised 10 people from a full school auditorium. People are just afraid to read it, are they trying to psychologically defend themselves. Nikolaev became a lie on all counts. Says: you will view three options. I think, wow, it’s a good start. To discuss it is impossible, because she knows neither law nor at what stage of development it is in. On any of my questions answered, well, I guess you give more meters.”

“Our house has been called “morally” outdated”

Dmitry Ovchinnikov, Lomonosov district

“We moved here 18 years ago. Remember how I decided to update the varnish on the floor. I two passes in the heat with a respirator on my face, breathing the paint, updated flooring. Very tired and stayed the night. And the strong impression this morning in the new apartment was of a singing bird, like out of town. They still sing with us every spring and summer.

We have a quiet area with good planning and in the space of the courtyards, and in terms of infrastructure. The improvement district took place in front of. When we moved here, there were many communal apartments with alcoholics. But the forceful hand of the market will put everything in its place. Now we have a very decent community.

The story of the renovation as a bolt from the blue. At the meeting with the residents of our district on 19 April, a lawyer from Council Sergei Klyuyev read the initial list of homes planned for demolition. And there was one bunch of small Khrushchev and brick building with three-meter ceilings, large rooms, wide aisles. We become angry that our house is quite decent, why should they be demolished. What Klyuyev said: “what do you want? Your home is already obsolete”. Terrible emotional feeling that you can just move — as in the fable about the wolf with the lamb: just because I want to eat. Here’s the lamb I don’t want to be”.

“You have to be an idiot to believe we do any good”

Elena D., district Perovo

“The apartment is inherited from the grandfather. She worked in the mine throughout the war — at the bench all night. He is a technician at the airport, came to Berlin. Then returned to the plant. They were given an apartment as a veteran in the brick Stalinka 60-year. I know in our area there are houses almost back piles of iron. But we are not of that number! Renovation is at least irrational waste of money.

Besides, people are going to move from normal houses, not even improving their conditions! I saw the pictures of apartments in which people have moved, and I was scared. I don’t even pull the design of the new building, which is being built in violation of all norms. I’ve seen cases where people with his bare hands dismantled the bricks of the balcony. Must be quite an idiot to believe we are doing something good. It is genocide.

Investment in the construction and land cost does not imply that new houses will be of five-story building. In the centre they won’t build a cheap panel. Will build a monolith of the elite class. And we do not fit there. This further stratifies society: if you don’t meet some level (no matter what you have behind, what is the history of your family), you just throw out because of insolvency. The five-story building, most of them live people with very average incomes. And they need to these areas to relocate people who will further develop the business, to bring city the money.”

“Renovation just destroy the environment”

Catherine dyukova, district Sviblovo

The apartment I inherited from my grandmother. Remember how I ran, when there was a little girl. So the area has developed in my eyes. Birch, which in my childhood only planted are now above our house. We have a very green district. Trees absorb noise, clean the air, provide shade that saves summer from the heat. People, when out of the door, be like in the Park. Sometimes we get the inhabitants of the Botanical garden: on foot fifteen minutes to go. We have in the past year, the tree that grows under the window, was all covered with birds. From five in the morning every day and listened their singing.

To leave their peaceful green area, I just don’t see the point. We have a Stalin-era building, which was built on an individual project. Now it is not on the list for demolition that I have seen, but we have continuous around Khrushchev. Decide that we interfere, and will carry, too. And even if we stay, around will be a continuous construction. Nobody will abide by any regulations, noise will be available. Will be removed if the neighboring five-story building, built the skyscrapers — in the apartment there will be more sun. The trees will be only at our house is if they decide in the middle of our yard something to stick. Renovation simply destroy the environment. We are in the next street has already been demolished Khrushchev in the first wave, in their place built high-rise buildings. And there is now bare yards, solid asphalt and concrete.

“The new law of the renovation of the just predatory”

Irina Zvereva, the Maryina Roshcha district

“My house is 57 years, but in 1993 it was attached to another building. So we back then had as renovated altogether. Although the Council somehow this information is not available. We only have four floors, two residential — eight apartments. After renovation the house has settled, and all who live there now, bought an apartment on their own. Municipal housing there. So, of course, all against the demolition. We are well aware that anything equivalent, we do not offer. We are across the road CAO. Here houses are built exclusively elite class.

It took me 15 years to accumulate money to pay the mortgage, make repairs. I was born in this area, especially here, was looking for an apartment. My mother lives at Sheremetyevo, two children go to school across the road — to change it we not going. I here good and comfortable. Besides, no one will offer me a repair, as I did.

In General, the new law of the renovation of the just extortionate. First, it allows you to carry anything. Second, the market price of the apartment less than the cadastral value. Well, if you really want to demolish my house, I will pay the cadastral value, for which I will be able to find adequate housing in the same area. District Sviblovo I don’t need, no matter how beautiful it nor considered its inhabitants”.

As experts explain, the law on the renovation aims not only to upgrade dilapidated housing stock. It allows you to absolutely demolish any building, regardless of age, height, status, as well as from the opinions of the owners or residents. All interlocutors of Radio Liberty, opposed the law on the renovation, have expressed a desire to go to the meeting — to protect their private property and their constitutional rights.