May holidays: advice coach how to celebrate and keep the shape

In anticipation of a protracted may holidays need to be concerned not only about the products for barbecue, and and the waist, which must remain in its previous location. To celebrate the may holidays and still maintain the shape, you need to move more, not eat huge portions or drink too much alcohol.

The fitness coach Tatiana Godard, reports the New time.

How do alcohol calories

Most alcoholic beverages are high in calories. For example, in 100 grams of absolutely savory taste and, of course, lean cognac, vodka and other strong drinks contains as much as 240 calories. And this “empty” calories that do not satiate the body, but provokes at the same ravenous appetite and deposited “in reserve”.

In some unsweetened hard liquor (e.g., tequila and cognac) manufacturers add sugar and caramel to enhance the taste and color. Cheap their use types of sweeteners and (or) sugar.

Weight gain from any alcohol – even if the carbs in it. It’s all in the calorie of ethanol. Alcoholic calories is the net energy that the body needs to spend “out of turn”, primarily because of strong absorption takes place without digestion. Alcohol reaches the liver and causes it to work only for themselves. As a result, the carbohydrates and fats from food are not processed, the body ceases to burn fat and carbohydrate reserves, passing on the alcohol fuel. Meanwhile, calories from fatty meat and potatoes are deposited in the abdomen and hips.

In addition, once in the liver, alcohol is converted to citrate, which become the basis of the process in which glucose is allocated fatty acids. Thus, the liver increases production of fat – a direct path to fatty liver disease.

It’s no secret that alcohol whets the appetite. Any kind of alcohol at first raises and then dramatically lowers the level of glucose in the blood, which provokes an acute sense of hunger. To govern themselves it is very difficult, especially because, having drunk, the person loses control of himself. Hence the overeating, and preference is usually given to the fatty and sweet.

How to drink

Consume alcohol slowly and make as large intervals: drink 30-50 ml of strong drink no less than half an hour after the previous admission. Our body can safely and even profitably recycle a certain amount of alcohol. Is 50 grams of liquor and 100 grams of dry wine, drunk slowly, in half an hour.

In addition, the slow consumption of drinks will more adequately assess the change of his fortune to stop in time, do not overeat and do not drink. And not to make a lot of other indiscretions, which have subsequently come to regret.

To make alcohol you need with plenty of clean water (or diluting or drinking plenty of), but in no case should not drink alcohol with carbonated or sweet drinks. The fact that alcohol is absorbed quickly into the blood gases (this is why champagne is considered one of the most dangerous for the brain) and much longer appears, provoking a severe hangover.

Hard headache warrants an uncontrolled consumption of any sweet alcohol and cocktails: not only because of their composition, tend to have a sweet ingredient, but because they are mixed of different types of drinks that the organism is difficult to understand. This leads to rapid intoxication, and sometimes poisonous.

Before and after drinking alcohol it is recommended to make a green smoothie: put in blender the different types of greens, add water, whisk and drink with a tablespoon of bran, linseed better. It is a magical mixture that quickly removes toxins.


Be careful, do not overwhelm the body with pounds of fatty meat with potatoes. According to statistics, during the may holidays in the hospital comes as many people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract and bouts of pancreatitis, how much and for Christmas.

If you plan to do skewers of meat, take only low fat. In any case, don’t buy shop marinated kebabs: it’s no secret that in most cases this meat is “fresh”. The same applies to fish. Moreover, poor quality meat and fish can be poisoned — they could still be eggs of parasites that may have several severe diseases, including mental disorders. And since the parasites have not yet developed, the person can be years to be ill, to be treated for anything in the world but not of the parasites that he picked up once at a picnic. Meat and fish cook as well – then the chance of them being infected with worms is much lower.

Eat slowly, small portions. Meat and fish sedate as a large number of greens, fresh vegetables — they are great to eliminate toxins, facilitate the digestive process and are much more effective than any enzyme supplements. Not recommended for spicy food containing garlic, horseradish, onion, mustard, pepper, vinegar, all this slows down the oxidation of alcohol. In any case, do not take alcohol with sweets, including fruit. This is the worst combination.

In nature bigger move, play badminton, football etc. do Not sit on the ground, consuming giant portions of food and liters of alcohol. If the muscles are working, the consumption of more energy, hence the alcohol toxins faster output.