Lefties get in an accident are 50% more likely right-handed – study

Drivers lefties get in an accident one and a half times more often than right-handers. It is researchers found in the study conducted by the insurance company Privilege.

For x data, 28% of drivers-left-handed people get fines for speeding, and among right-handers, only 19%. 26% of left-handers (and 23% of right-handers) get Parking fines. In addition, left-hander an average of 60 years behind the wheel, fall into nine major accidents, and right-handed – eight.

However, scientists have found that lefties have a higher chance to pass your driving exam the first time. They are also less likely to get into minor accidents involving only dents and scratches on the car.

According to psychologists, most likely, the reason that cars, road signs and other objects that interact with drivers, designed based on the characteristics of right-handers. Left-handers, in such conditions it is difficult to adapt to driving.