The discussion is far from reality

I read the title on Twitter: “Finnish Ministry of defence no longer allow individuals with multiple citizenship to some sensitive posts which involve state security.”

Yeah, I think.

Then I come to mind the Maidan protesters who were beaten, some almost to death — people, probably, sent to Ukraine by Russian security forces. They took advantage of the fact that the Ukrainian security service could still remember the good.

And remember how Russia three years ago, invaded the Crimea, dressed in green uniforms the soldiers patrolling the airport in Simferopol. The invasion of the Crimea it is necessary, explained Russia, because we have to protect our own citizens on the Crimean Peninsula.

The war in Georgia broke out in 2008, after Russia generously handed out Russian passports in the breakaway Republic of South Ossetia.

I’m thinking about all this while reading about new programs of the Finnish Ministry of defence and think: they take action.

The next day the Internet was flooded with outraged articles in the Finnish press about discrimination and labeling. It says that people with dual citizenship want to brand. Families with multiple passports live in fear.

I read all this with growing amazement. What kind of world he lives in Finnish society? (The defense Minister in response stated that while the defense actually did not impose any such rules. But Yes, it can become a reality — an amendment to the law working in this direction, now is in preparation).

In the course of the war in Ukraine the biggest problem of the Ukrainian army during this time was the penetration into their midst of Russian agents and the lack of loyalty in the ranks of the army and security services. There simply can not be sure that those hired to work for the good of national security, really loyal to their own country.

Some participants in the debate seem to think that the Ministry of defence of Finland intends to brand all people with Russian roots. But the point is that army to not care about ethnicity. Its task is to defend the country, and to the warring States lack of loyalty is not a question of values. It is a matter of life and death. Defense Ministry seeks to avoid situations in which people in key positions can face a conflict of interesov, and a prerequisite for this can be multiple citizenships. And not the name Ivan.

Ukraine was unable to protect the Crimean Peninsula or to regain control over Donbass. Ukraine now — prostrate, shattered country. It is not related to the Russian language — for the majority of Ukrainian soldiers, with whom I met, Russian language is native. This is due to the total lack of competence and the fact that many professional officers feel the desire to fight with Russia. Their loyalty belongs to the other party, not to the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian state is a disaster.

Of course, Finland and Ukraine in different situations. Finland is a stable democracy and EU member, and Ukraine is still fighting for their democracy, territory and identity.

But when your biggest neighbor, which has recently invaded a neighboring country, uses infiltration as a method of warfare, any normal defense establishment will begin to take some action.
The task of the Ministry of defence is to protect the security of the country, it is the same as that of the security police. I’m not a big fan of the security services after several times subjected to surveillance and was interrogated by the FSB. But that’s why I totally understand why services of this type needs to be good at your job in a stable, small democracies like Finland. In fact so do their neighbors.

Small countries that do not care about their defense and security, nothing good will.

If I myself had Russian citizenship — it is theoretically possible, as it can get, having lived in the country long enough — and I would go to get a job in the Russian defense Ministry, in the first place, they would require me to give up my Finnish citizenship. So would most of the military agencies in the world. It’s called a security measure and nothing personal.

If you want to hold certain positions associated with the army and security, to you specific requirements. You review and check all kinds of ways. Under the current situation to require that one who will work with sensitive information, should not both have multiple citizenships — is a normal reaction to the changed world situation in the field of security. It depends, as has been said, that next to Finland there is a state that invades a neighboring country, and introduces agents within the scope of their defense.

Judging by the reaction that I saw in Finland, you may decide that: a) renounce one citizenship is impossible b) have multiple citizenships — is a basic human right. None of these assertions is untrue. I understand very well those born in different countries parents who want their children to have dual citizenship. And after the changes, which plans the Ministry of defence, they have such a right. The only difference is that if their children in the future will want to have access to special information, or they will have to renounce one citizenship or to apply for this job.

This, of course, a shame, but has nothing to do with inequality. After all, the same rules will be applied to all Finnish citizens.

I don’t think Russia is going to invade Finland. But if I were the Minister of defense or the President, my responsibilities would include the calculation of possible risk. That is why President Niinistö years repeated that Finland should reflect on the amendment of the law on dual citizenship. His proposal is that Finland should grant Finnish citizenship as second only to citizens of countries which observed the same liberal principle. This decision will not deprive citizens of most EU countries, opportunities to receive the second Finnish citizenship, but deprive its citizens of Russia, which considers persons with dual citizenship solely by Russians. I wonder why.