More Britons believe Brexit by mistake – The Independent

The majority of voters in the UK believe that Brexit was the wrong decision. This is evidenced by the survey, which was conducted 10 days after Prime Minister Theresa may announced an early election. According to The Independent, he spent The Times and organization YouGov, reports

In total the survey was attended by 1590 the British. The study showed that 43% of Britons still believe that Britain should leave the European Union. However, 45% of respondents replied that it was a wrong decision.

In YouGov noted the gradual vozrastanie the number of those who are against Brexit. After all, earlier this year, there were 1% less despite the fact that the number of supporters of withdrawal from the EU was the same Taim.

Recall, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned British people from their illusions about the outcome of the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. The Chancellor stressed that third countries, which will be Britain, may not have the same preferences and rights as the EU countries.