In Ukraine, the falling price of vegetables: experts tell, when all will rise again

The long-awaited podeshevlenie vegetables started. First and foremost, the price went down on tomatoes, eggplants, onions and potatoes. Expensive only cucumbers, the season which comes to an end.

According to agrobaltika, prices for most items are the same as a year ago, or lower. Experts advise to make purchases for the winter in the wholesale markets, where prices are lower than 30-40%, and predict that in late September, the vegetables become more expensive.

WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE. The survey showed the capital’s wholesale and retail markets where vegetables and fruits are some of the most expensive in the country, prices this season are a pleasant surprise. Carrots can be bought at 5-6 UAH/kg, depending on quality (a year ago it was 6-7 UAH/kg), beet — 5-5. 5 (3.5—4), cabbage — 4,5—5 (3-3,5), onion — 5-5,3 (4,5—7). Tomato”cream”, as a year ago, buy to 6-6,5 UAH/kg, the same I ask for a round field tomato (last year — UAH 7.5—8).

Potatoes, if you take a bag, it is already 4-4,3 grn/kg (4-5,5 HR), by weight — 5-5,5 UAH/kg. Over 4-4,5 UAH/kg to buy a watermelon (3-4), 11-13 UAH — eggplant (was 12-15). But the cucumbers are expensive — 15-18 UAH/kg (10,5—15 UAH/kg). Apples also expensive, despite the height of the season — elite class are from 20 UAH/kg, easier — 12-15. However, a year ago prices are also ranged from 15 to 22 UAH/kg.

EXPERTS. The analyst of the Ukrainian club of agrarian business Eugene the Janitor told “Today” that the low prices for vegetables will last for 2-2,5 weeks. Moreover, while the fields will not clean the tomatoes and most of the harvest “traditional set”, perhaps even price reduction: 15-20%, or below 5 UAH/kg. Then the prices will gradually go up.

“In October it will be more expensive than it is now. Therefore, those who makes stocks for the winter, you should hurry, says the Janitor. — Cheap apples will not be due to the fact that in the spring from frosts affected orchards from major manufacturers. This South-Western regions of Ukraine and South-Eastern regions of Poland. In the winter the price will be within UAH 22-25/kg.”

The experts of “APK-inform: vegetables and fruits” reaffirmed its forecast that the cucumbers will go up, because a field is already there, and the demand for greenhouse consistently high. So the price on them is expected not less than 20 UAH/kg, which is 1.7—2 times more expensive than in 2016.

Director of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko explains the growth of prices for vegetables and fruits : “the Cost, for example, potatoes have increased slightly. But when the producer sees that to buy a liter of milk to it this year need to sell not three, but four pounds of potatoes, he is forced to raise the price”.