How to be successful: TOP 10 habits of millionaires

All successful and wealthy people have certain habits that help them in their work. The American researcher Thomas Corley called the ten habits of self-made millionaires.

Corley devoted to the study of habits, thinking and attitudes of rich people for five years. During this time he interacted more with 177 successful people and even coined the term “habits of the rich”, without which, according to Corley, to achieve success and huge earnings simply impossible, reports “New time”.

1. Reading

More than 88% of rich people emit daily a minimum of half an hour time for reading books. It is worth noting that the literature they choose not entertaining, but educational: biographies, historical essays, motivational books.

2. Sport

Almost every successful people every day finds time for sport. This can be Jogging, fitness, banal exercise, but physical activity is an integral part of their lives. This is useful not only for the body but for the mind because it increases energy and gives inspiration.

3. To communicate with successful personalities

Self-made millionaires, dealing with the same successful people who have a positive Outlook on life, distinguished dedication and enthusiasm. In addition, they avoid people with negative thinking, because they are not able to achieve success.

4. The pursuit of own goals

The rich and successful always self-set goals, not focusing on the opinions of others. This gives you the opportunity to turn work into fun, but this is the secret of success.

5. Early rise

Often, successful people Wake up 2-3 hours earlier working day. It helps to cope with unexpected situations and gives a sense of control over life. In addition, this makes it possible to implement all the planned things.

6. Multiple sources of income

Wealthy people always have multiple sources of income because it provides a constant income. In addition to their own business, they often rent property or participating in someone else’s business.

7. Mentor

Senior fellow who can help, to give and to save you from major mistakes – everyone has a successful person.

8. Positive thinking

Success comes only to positive-minded people. They always believe the best and not very upset because of failures. Positive people always see opportunities and use them to the maximum.

9. Education

Successful people always set aside manners and etiquette. They know how to behave, how to prepare letters of thanks, as he meets with people, how to dress, and more.

10. Help others

Self-made millionaires always help associates achieve success. This is due to the fact that by helping others, they move by themselves to prosperity. In addition, they often create a team that works towards achieving a common goal.