Discovered the remains of three “vampires”, mutilated and subjected to ritual torture in the middle Ages

The fear of vampires has created is not Hollywood horror movies. And not only in the twenty-first century children were imagining at night ghouls. In fact, people were afraid of these creatures and a thousand years ago. This is evidenced by the recently discovered in Poland the remains of three people. Their bodies were mutilated before burial, so that they could not leave the grave.

According to information published in a number of specialized sources, including International Business Times, these remains were discovered in the village of Guiza in the West of Poland (near the border with Germany). According to archeologists, these tombs date back to the XIII-XIV centuries.

More precisely, the remains were found in three graves near once stood here Gothic Cathedral. The graves are not interconnected and are randomly located in the cemetery of Guizi, while the other graves are oriented strictly from East to West, and they found skeletons buried with arms crossed on his chest.

Buried as vampires

Archaeologists have discovered, among other evidence of torture that was practiced beheading, spine and sacrum was done the deep hole, the head clamped between the stones. Such measures were taken to prevent the dead from the grave to hunt the living.
According to archaeologist Leslie Gregoracci (Lesley Gregoricka) from the University of South Alabama, at least one of the buried bodies belonged to a woman who in life suffered from kyphosis — curvature of the upper spine with the formation of hump.

Perhaps this physical defect made other people think that the future victim was a vampire. This woman’s body was laid in the grave face down, and she had broken knees — a traditional ritual of burial of suspected werewolves.

The man, whose remains were found in the same place, also could suffer from kyphosis. At least, so says colleague Lesley Gregoracci, employee of the Polish Museum Kostrinsky fortress Krzysztof Socha (Krzysztof Socha). Finally, the body of the third deceased was buried with sandwiched between two head stones. This ritual was also carried out against vampires.

Other rituals

Not only are these rituals were conducted to prevent vampires from graves. In recent years there were discovered the remains of a number of alleged vampires, whose skeletons were attached metal straps to the coffin so they couldn’t get out of them if I live.
According to archaeologist Leslie Gregoracci, many so-called vampires, buried in the Middle ages, died of cholera. “It was believed that the first dead from the outbreak had more opportunities to return from the dead as a vampire,” she writes in the newspaper.