TOP 9 products that should be abandoned after 30 years

Let’s face the truth! Nothing can roll back time ago – no plastic surgery, no denial, his date of birth, according to health info.

You 100% have noticed that with age, your traits, and things you surround yourself with change. So, the constant metamorphosis going through your closet. It also added a haircut and entertainment. What about the food? You can a product very much in love, but think about your body – he might have a completely different opinion!

Here are nine foods you should avoid if you already celebrated the 30th anniversary of the

1. Protein or energy bars

Believe it or not, but protein drinks and energy bars don’t provide you with neither protein nor energy. In University years, you might miss the Breakfast jams and hunger with anything. But as they get older you should start to eat right and eat nutritious foods (fruits, vegetables, cereals).

By the way, in the energy bars contain many undesirable ingredients: glycerin, sorbitol, whey protein, fructose, dextrose. They can spoil your health.

2. White bread

Everything made from refined flour is bad. White bread and croissants contain large amounts of sugar and glucose, which can disrupt the body’s production of collagen and many proteins (they prevent early appearance of wrinkles).

Switch to the bread and bagels are whole grain. Because of them you will have to jump the weight. Bonus blood sugar level normal.

3. Cookies

Directly tearing soul! It turns out that favorite cookie is calories and fats. At a young age the body such things at all. But in 30 years to lose weight not so easy. So just get the cookies in the deep drawer!

4. Microwave popcorn

Love popcorn with butter? And your body is not. If popcorn without anything is still all right! But flavoring agents and oil don’t like your arteries. Do not approach so closely to heart disease.

5. Margarine

Substitutes butter contain TRANS fats. They cause heart disease, clog arteries.

In addition, TRANS fats accelerate the skin aging process and increase vulnerability to ultraviolet radiation.

6. Processed meat

Bacon, ham, salami and other sausages deprive your skin of elasticity. All of these types of “meat” stuffed with nitrates and nitrites. Among other things, oxidize the cells of your body. This, in turn, disrupts the production of collagen and elastin.

Can’t you do without a piece of bacon or ham for Breakfast?

7. Snacks without sugar

Buy the bars without sugar, but still gain weight? Most likely, artificial sweeteners do not like your liver.

Avoid fake sugar. It will please your inner organs, you will not get better.

8. Iced coffee

This is a tasty way to satisfy the need for caffeine, and thirst. But caffeinated products are not your allies in the fight against aging. They adversely affect sleep quality, and this disrupts the skin’s regeneration process during the night’s rest in bed.

In addition, discard the straws. Sipping drinks through it, scientists believe, causes additional wrinkles.

9. Beer and cocktails

The older the organism, the harder it is to recycle the alcohol. Alcoholic beverages can disrupt sleep, and this, as you already know, the factor with the consequences. In addition, alcohol dehydrates the skin and disrupts the skin’s elasticity. Take comfort in your juices!