In a situation of occurrence of the missile crisis, Putin acted rationally

Apparently, Vladimir Putin has decided not to give too much importance to an American missile attack on his Syrian ally. Moscow chose not to escalate the conflict with Washington, and after the visit of the American Minister of foreign Affairs Rex Tillerson in Moscow last week, all the evidence suggests that the crisis is over.

Unlike President trump Putin acted rationally. Its main priority is no conflict with the US, but to strengthen its position in Syria and thereby its influence in the middle East. Russia has invested in Syria so much money and so much prestige that the escalation in relations with the United States can only damage something that Putin has made since then, as less than two years ago decided to take an active part in the civil war on the side of Bashar al-Assad.

The priorities of Russia is to consolidate its position in the Arab world as an enemy of regime change imposed from the outside, she wants to be even more perceived as a reliable ally, and seeks to defeat Islamic terror.

Putin’s decision to treat the incident with restraint only reinforced his position in the country. The official Russian media, reflecting the evaluation of the Kremlin, commented on this in the sense that the risk of conflict with the United States not because the Washington policy towards the Syrian conflict has not changed.

On the contrary, the media expressed sympathy towards Trump and his new administration, native States, which traditional political institutions trying to sabotage.

The President is seeking to implement historical changes in Russian-American relations, cornered by the Pentagon and allowed to go on about the emotions, after reviewing the reports about children who died from suffocation.


He decided on retribution, without asking Congress and without any documentation. From the point of view of the Kremlin the question here, in other words, there is a one-time action committed by an inexperienced President.

This version serves as a cover for official policy on all occasions.

She warns against “bad” of the Pentagon, however, makes it clear that the attention of the President of the United States to dialogue continue.

The official task of the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson in Moscow last week was a game lost in advance, and American experts, experts of Moscow’s policy, probably knew it. In any case, those who had understanding of the Russian self-image. According to press reports, the task of the Secretary of state had to call on Putin to release of prosalovskaya Iranian-Russian coalition and instead to unite with the United States, “to play a constructive role in resolving the humanitarian and political disaster in the middle East”.

The United States, who for six years has avoided to interfere in this, perhaps the greatest human catastrophe that befell the world after world war II, urged Russia, which is also responsible for the humanitarian disaster and which won the war for Assad to abandon the fruits of victory.

And the American offer, probably, has strengthened Putin’s idea that the foreign policy of Washington is some confusion.

From the point of view of Moscow, the results of the meeting with Tillerson was “positive”. Leading Kremlin analyst in Moscow was quoted the following observation of the American President:

“We believe that Assad’s departure must occur in orderly conditions for certain circles who feel that he represents their interests, would be present at the negotiating table”.

The analyst writes that the positive reaction is due to the fact that this statement was perceived as an American desire to resume the dialogue, which lasted a few months before the gas attack.

Taking into account the military situation in the theater of war, a changing American perspective on al-Assad — unlike the Russian — are completely outdated. This expression of an unwillingness to accept the fact that Washington has no influence on the future of Assad.

During the gas-missile crisis, Vladimir Putin acted rationally, in accordance with its foreign policy priorities. Donald trump, who everywhere and always said that his main priority is to defeat ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.) contemptuously laughed at this to demonstrate US military power. An effective fight against ISIS involves U.S.-Russian cooperation. As trump put it in the map for action, whose consequences could be extremely serious.