Psychologists discovered the secret of attractiveness of the female dance

Women’s dances are the most attractive movement with the swaying of the hips, found psychologists and published their findings in the journal Scientific Reports.

Also attractive female dances seem to be asymmetrical movement and the ability to feel the rhythm. The attractiveness of movements was evaluated 200 men and women dancers performed 39 young women.

On the basis of their movements with the help of technology motion capture was created faceless three-dimensional model. Study participants were asked to rate 15-second clips of the dance on a scale from 1 to 7. It is noted that the highest scores were given to the dances in which the women shook their hips and asymmetrically moved with his hands. The excess or deficiency of such movements were seen as inexperience.

There is one caveat. The drawback of this study is that the experiment was attended by representatives of only Western culture consider criticism. Nevertheless, the results associated with a large formation of studies on the role of dance in finding a partner.