Syrian children are named after the Russian President

According to government officials, Syrian families called their children by name Putin as a sign of gratitude for the support provided by the Russian President to his Syrian counterpart in the war continued for six years.

The Syrian Ambassador in Moscow Riyad (Riyad Haddad) stated that Bashar al-Assad has also made Russian a second language in Syria and donated land at Damascus for the construction of the Russian school.

Quoting Haddad, the news Agency TASS writes: “Assad’s Decision that Russian became the country’s second language — is a sign of gratitude of the Russian people for their support of Syrians”.

“Also as a mark of that gratitude, many families called their sons by the name of Putin”, — said the Ambassador.

Vladimir Putin did not hesitate to sent an army and using the diplomatic prestige of Russia to support the Assad regime — the Russian has helped the Syrian government retake the largest city Aleppo, and Russian diplomats have blocked a UN attempt to condemn Damascus for the chemical attack on the Syrian city of Shan-Sehyun in the beginning of this month, which accused the army of Assad.

Naming children in honor of the winners and heroes of the war are common, but life sometimes dictates unusual names.

Early Soviet family, trying to please the authorities and willingly gave children such names as Vladilen meaning “Vladimir Ilyich Lenin”, or REM — formed from the initial letters of the phrase “the revolution of the world”.

And later the Kosovar Albanians expressed their gratitude to Britain participating in military operations of NATO forces against their enemies-Serbs, calling his sons name, Tonyblair in honour of the then British Prime Minister.