How to restore the nervous system when leaned a lot of things: life hacks from scientists

To restore the nervous system, treat yourself to the silence. It will help you to replenish energy and makes the mind more adapted to complex living space.

The latest research reports

Imke Kirste from Medical school at Duke University found that the silence associated with the recovery of the nerve cells in the hippocampus, which is responsible for learning and memory.

At the same time, physiologist Luciano Bernardi argues that a two-minute pause between two music works from the category “music for relaxation” restores more than the music itself: these two minutes of silence stabilize the cardiovascular and respiratory activities.

In 2013, the journal journal of Environmental Psychology conducted a study among 43 thousand employees and found that the negative impact of noise and constant distraction for those who work in open space office, more than unproven advantages of this workspace.

However, according to them, to get all the benefits from silence is not enough just to tune out the noise. You need to learn to stop the internal conversation. This silence like a minute of dropping from any responsibility: “I need to think before you speak.” We are constantly focused on what we have to say now, and then another and another — where there appear the space for new ideas? How to organize and maintain these regular moments of silence?

Here are some practical tips on how to learn to relax:

Five minutes before the meetings

Schedule appointments and meetings so that you have in front of them was five minutes of silence in his empty office, on a Park bench or anywhere, where you can quietly reflect or meditate.

Walk without anyone

Nature forget the phone, email, and other things. Not onlinewhite: sometimes the city Park will not do — go into the forest, be quiet and listen. The forest is one of the best restorers of cognitive abilities.

Post vs posts

This refers to the period of abstinence from the use of social networks and other media. Turn off email for a few hours or even a day, try “fasting” and not see some time the news every five minutes. There can be a lot of noise: the family, the sounds of the city, but part of your brain that is fueled by the media and constantly thinking about unfinished work, calm down and relax.

A full detox

You will need to disconnect from everyday life and to arrange his Ashram, where you won’t be disturbed while you meditate. This “escape from reality” — the key to improving the “deep listening” to awakening intuition.