Over heating have to pay, even in summer: what is the fee for heat and when she will introduce

The Ministry of Finance has published a Memorandum with the IMF. In the document, the Ukrainian government has pledged to introduce a monthly fee for natural gas and heating.Now fee for heat operating in Lviv, Vinnytsia and other cities, and may, according to the Memorandum, it will have to pay all Ukrainians.

The first monthly fee for heating introduced lions back in 2006. Then the officials said: citizens get heat only during the heating season, but in order to generate, maintain infrastructure, conduct repairs – need money all year round.

For example, the family in Lviv, which consistently spends in the heating season one Gcal of heat per month, pays 1266,5 hryvnia (UAH 1213 for the very warm and 53.4 hryvnia fee) from October to March, and 26 and 97 hryvnia monthly fee March-October. At the same time in the winery all year round to pay the subscription fee at 26.3 hryvnia.

However, as experts note, in most Ukrainian cities there is one tariff for heat with no monthly fees. This rate already includes the cost of maintaining infrastructure, and only need to pay during the heating season.

In the Memorandum with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Ukrainian government has pledged to introduce a monthly fee for heating for everyone. “We will apply the tariff for the gas distribution and heating based on the capacity, it will move a fraction of the cost during the summer months – all changes will take effect from the first of may 2017”, – the document says.

How much have to pay for the monthly fee for heating is not yet known. “It all depends on the methodology,” explains the expert in the energy sector Gennady Ryabtsev. For example, in tariff”, Kievenergo” the cost of transportation and delivery is approximately 9%. If the tariff is divided into two components, the fee could be around 100 UAH per Gcal. Given that the monthly cost share for the entire year, during the heating season the heating costs can be reduced. More about anoplate for gas and heat can be read here.