You have to admit Donald trump is superior to your expectation

If you believe the feverish posts Evan McMullin (Evan McMullin) on his Twitter page that Donald trump is a pawn of Vladimir Putin and a bad, bad, bad man, determined to ruin their country, the whole world and all that is. It is possible, everything is yet to come.

Meanwhile, in the higher circles began to circulate rumors that President Donald trump quite well cope with their responsibilities. Usually such statements are accompanied by a mysterious pozeminiame shoulders and many objections and arguments.

What compels people to reconsider their opinions?

First, the style of the foreign policy of Donald trump speaks for itself. The ability to keep foreign governments alert and pull them out of balance is a pretty good alternative to willingness to report all of your plans and let other countries get ahead of US. To say that President trump attracts attention is an understatement. Strategic blow here. Heavy-duty high-explosive bomb. Navy here and there and everywhere. It’s very unnerving — especially enemies.

I constantly see articles in which the authors call the Republicans hypocrites because they did not support the proposal by President Obama to strike at Syria. Rational people were against. But it wasn’t in a bomb strike as such, but who it was done. President Obama has been extremely inconsistent in its foreign policy. His rules of warfare were terrible. The us military was helpless and vulnerable. So when Obama killed two times more American soldiers than the Bush administration.

Moreover, President Obama started a purge of the ranks of military leadership. So why are people possessed of common sense, should have trusted President Obama and his Yes-men carrying out the bomb Syria campaign? It was and remains a very delicate operation, and it must be based on a strategic determination. A leader must be willing to take that step. If the President cannot be relied upon to conduct politically sensitive operations, it causes a lot of problems. President trump is completely different. He trusts his generals, and they trust him: they believe that he will support them. It allows them to do what they are ready to win wars, and not just wasting the fuel in submarines.

Second, the President trump did what he promised: he replaced Supreme court judges. The judge Gorsuch resolutely set to work, throwing lawyers questions:

The very first thing Gorsuch was not sensational, but he repeatedly insisted on his point of view in disputes with lawyers.

When one lawyer admitted that he was inclined to agree with the judge at one point, Gorsuch replied dryly: “I hope”.

Thank you to President Trump!

Thirdly, and this is rather surprising, new post really calmed trump: he would often mention God and to ask for advice.

President Donald trump began increasingly to turn to God in their prepared speeches: he asked God to bless the whole world after the missile strikes in Syria, he asked God to bless the new judge of the Supreme court, he mentioned God in the debate about the need to start a war against opiates.

He has taken other steps to maintain good relations with the Christian right that helped him become President by providing a new level of access to Christian media and promoting socially conservative positions that are not too typical.

One of the first interviews of trump as President was his interview with David Brody (David Brody) from the Christian Broadcasting Network.

“I always felt the need for prayer, trump said in the interview that he gave at the end of January. This job is so important that we need the Lord’s help, because now the solutions are no longer limited to the construction of a new building in new York… Now we are talking about very important things and issues.”

“In this position it is impossible to accept any solution that would not change the lives of people, — said trump. Therefore, the help of the Lord.”

The representatives of the left wing and cynical electorate Evan McMullin say that we see only the results of political expediency. Perhaps, but President trump has repeatedly caved in under the weight of new posts. Maybe he has encountered something stronger than himself, and resigned.

Fourth, the reduction of state intervention in the economy would pay dividends now and in the future. As President trump is a new York politician, Ted Cruz (Ted Cruz) once called him, his desire to get rid of parts of control mechanisms, of course, is libertarian in nature. Business rejoices. There is still a lot of work, but the abolition of the pernicious regulations that stifle business is a good start.

Fifth, President trump is a real President. He needs to be a strong leader. Many believed that he would become a talking caricature of the presidency. Many still think so, but honest political commentators recognize that Donald trump is already getting on its feet.

Sixth, the President trump tries to fulfill their promises. Everyone has a plan until he will strike at your head, as the boxer Mike Tyson. And we have seen many blows and disappointments immediately comes to mind is a failed health care reform of Obama. But the President, the trump turned out to be surprisingly consistent. Those who did not expect from trump anything, except for the replacement of judges of the Supreme court, any other political achievement seems very nice bonus. And such bonuses were more than I expected.

Finally it is worth noting what the President of trump is notthat he is not Hillary Clinton. With President Hillary, we would get an even more powerful state apparatus, solidified, strengthened its position destroys the soul and sucks all the juice state. It is difficult to imagine a country where it could respect after her haphazard position as Secretary of state. Deviating from Hillary, America dodged a bullet.

In General, the first 90 days of the presidency, trump has surpassed modest expectations. This is better than to fail and destroy dreams. And unless you are Evan McMullin, you will probably admit it. We should all recognize that a President Donald trump was better than we expected, and that he may well be a fairly good President.

While things are going pretty well, and that in itself is good.