The game of the White house to the Russian issue fully exposed

A member of the house of representatives Democrat Adam Schiff (Adam Schiff), who works in the intelligence Committee, said today that after the refusal of the head of that Committee, California Republican Devin Nunes (Devin Nunes) from participation in the investigation of Russian interference in the elections and the possible collusion of Russia and the headquarters of the trump this job “back to normal”. Statement by Schiff — this is an encouraging sign which indicates that the Committee will be able, finally, to constructively carry out its monitoring functions.

But today there are new reasons for concern about the fact that Republicans will become more determined to ensure that the investigation has not produced any results. This is quite troubling, as the Republicans are able to thwart all attempts to get to the bottom of this scandal than they are clearly doing today. For this purpose, they can distract the public’s attention from the story, sending it to the conspiracy theories about the Obama administration.

Ryan, Lisa (Ryan Lizza) published in the New Yorker is a new article which sets out fresh details of the plan of action the Grand old party. The purpose of the plan is to present the investigation of Russia’s actions in the form of another tragedy of Benghazi, turning the former us national security adviser Susan rice (Susan Rice) to the main villain in this story, and to concentrate all attention at a hearing on her case.

The fact that the Republicans are going to direct an investigation against rice, this is another proof of the bad faith of the White house in this case. All attempts by trump to denigrate its predecessor, including the accusations against Obama that he ordered to be watched trump Tower, and approval of perfect rice the crime turned out to be fake, although the President and his allies refuse to admit it.

Trump provoked a storm with his tweet from March 4 in which he lied that a former President Obama “was listening to the trump Tower”. Instead of renounce their baseless charges the President with his allies clung to them and puts today’s most incredible theories in the attempt to collect after the fact at least some evidence to support your statements. It’s even worse than what was known so far. According to Lisa Ryan, the White house is making every effort in order to find something “in confirmation of the crazy tweets to the President on the wire at trump Tower”.

Then followed a chain of events, when Nunez was in collusion with the White house tendentious picked up secret information and leaked it to the media in order to paint a false picture that the Obama administration allegedly followed the team trump. When intelligence services found out that these allegations are untrue, the White house switched to false statements about rice. He began to claim that Obama’s adviser on national security rice has reviewed the evidence of the interception of telephone conversations between representatives of the Russian authorities and asked them to “reveal” the names of the Americans subjected to the so-called “random wire.”

The fight got even trump, is completely unsubstantiated stating that rice committed a crime. But then again, it was a lie. As reported last week by CNN, and the Democrats, and Republicans who viewed the relevant secret documents in the headquarters of the national security Agency, agreed that there is no evidence of offences of officials from the Obama administration, including rice. Sources from the security services told CNN that queries the rice was “perfectly normal and appropriate,” and in the documents there is nothing that would confirm unfounded trump statements about her illegal actions, and especially its crimes.

Of course, the rejection Nunez, refused to participate in the investigation of the actions of Russia, was caused by the fact that he very clumsily started this business. But this only spurred the Republicans, who are rice and frontal and flanking fire. Lisa writes: “the Republicans in the house of representatives Committee on intelligence continues to want focus all attention on Obama’s aides on national security, not Vladimir Putin.” Rice, he said, comes first in their list of witnesses.

A Republican from Texas, Mike Conaway (Mike Conaway), who took the place of nuñez in charge of the investigation of Russia’s actions and promised not to deviate from the topic of the investigation, which is Russia’s interference in elections and the collusion of the staff of trump with its representatives. But his previous statements of concern. At the first public hearing in the Committee on this issue, which took place last month, FBI Director James Comey confirmed that the Bureau is investigating the facts of Russian intervention in elections, and collusion with the staff of the trump. However, Conaway expressed doubt that the aim of the intervention was to help the Tramp, although the intelligence community has come to the conclusion that it was so.

Now it is necessary to monitor whether existing at the same time, trump conservative media to try to draw attention to the rice. Excited others politicized and false investigation against rice (the events in Benghazi), conservative analysts and commentators in his new storyline struggling to imagine her as hypocritical and evasive politics. For example, Cheryl Atkinson (Sharyl Attkisson) from Sinclair Broadcast Group this week wrote the following:

Scheduled a hearing to find out more about whether the political aides of Obama intelligence for use against the allies trump. In the media reports recently alleged that the adviser to President Obama on national security, Susan rice wanted to know the names of those whose conversations were inadvertently intercepted in the course of surveillance, although this information is usually carefully classified for reasons of privacy.

Then Atkinson has interviewed the Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsay Graham (Lindsay Graham), who stated that he was “embarrassed” by the actions of rice. He promised that the Senate will hold a hearing at which it will require the intelligence community to tell, did rice to reveal any names, although, as noted above, a bipartisan group from the house of representatives came to the conclusion that it is in order, since such requests shall be the responsibility of rice.

Calms the fact that this bipartisan group from the house of representatives after review by the NSA concluded that rice did not commit any illegal actions. But it seems that the house Committee on intelligence will still try to bring rice to trial in Russia. In so doing, it will show how far willing to go the Republicans to support false statements trump and distract attention from attempts to understand the issue of Russian interference, as well as possible collusion with her staff of trump.

Sarah Posner, a reporter and author of “God’s Providence. Faith, deception, and the crusade of the Republicans on values and voices” (God’s Profits: Faith, Fraud, and the Republican Crusade for Values Voters). She publishes in The Washington Post, New York Times, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones and many other publications.