Ground forces of the DPRK have great punching power (especially it 4 300 tanks)

Washington increases pressure on North Korea could launch a preemptive strike, but the Kim regime in Pyongyang has the capability to launch a preemptive strike on the United States and South Korea using only conventional means.

Analysts often concentrate all attention on the Arsenal of ballistic missiles by the Democratic people’s Republic, but the real threat from the North is heavy artillery and special forces that are able to inflict serious damage to South. In the event of war on the Korean Peninsula, Pyongyang’s army will represent the greatest threat to South Korea and American troops stationed there — and that’s without using nuclear weapons.

“Since 70% of the ground forces concentrated to the South of the Pyongyang — Wonsan, North Korea able at any moment to start the sudden attack, — stated in the information document of the Ministry of defense of South Korea in 2014. — In particular, placed at the forefront 170-millimeter self-propelled guns and 240-mm MLRS (multiple launch rocket systems fire) can inflict sudden and massive fire attack on Seoul and its suburbs. 300-mm rocket launchers, the ongoing military trials in the North Korean army is able to deliver the missiles with a destructive warhead in the middle of South Korea, given their maximum range”.

In addition, North Korea has strengthened its artillery 122-mm towed MLRS in a coastal area in the West and near the front line. Artillery of North Korea is placed in covered trenches, which increases their survivability during combat operations. According to estimates Seoul that North approximately 8 600 units of cannon artillery and MLRS on 5 500.

Along with this, the DPRK is upgrading its tank forces, although mechanized units is not important for the regime in Pyongyang. “There’s also constantly being modernized military equipment, in particular, armored and mechanized units is the replacement of main battle tanks T-54 and T-55 to a more modern “Garage” and “Songun”,” — said in a South Korean information document. According to Seoul, at the disposal of the DPRK has more than 4 300 2 500 tanks and other armored vehicles.

North Korea has not only a powerful artillery, in reliable shelters. It has numerous and well-trained special forces that create the most serious threat to the United States and the South. According to us military sources, the special forces of the North Korean regime is well-trained, equipped and poses a great threat.

“The number of special forces is estimated at 200 thousand people. The structure of the forces includes a variety of strategic, operational and tactical units, and units including 11 corps, light infantry division advanced from the composition of the housing and the light regiment of composition advanced division — said in Korean document. — Special forces can perform the task of penetration in advanced and rear areas to strike large units and enemy targets on the elimination of important military leaders and key personnel, disruption of rear areas and to conduct hybrid operations. Penetration during the war will be in underground tunnels, captured bridgeheads in the demilitarized zone, submarine, hovercraft, aircraft An-2, helicopters and many other ways.”

North Korea is mostly backward technologically country, but in the case of the war its army can inflict serious damage on South Korea and based on the Peninsula of American troops.

Dave Majumdar is editor of the National Interest, covering military issues.