Ukrainian TV presenter: the “contest” ready

The TV host Timur Miroshnychenko ahead of a very important event. The audience of hundreds of millions of people, of course, a little scary. Fortunately, the host already has the experience of holding the Junior Eurovision song contest and commenting of the Eurovision 2011.

“I worked on 30 different events related to Eurovision, but now the responsibility is really big. I am going to present Ukraine to the world and want to show that it is a peaceful, modern and hospitable country. Don’t have to believe everything that is said about Ukraine in the news or the Internet.”

Many are concerned about the political events of recent years and ask whether it is safe to go to Ukraine. Miroshnichenko argues that these experiences in vain.

“This will be one of the safest shows in history. We really want to show that in Kiev there is no danger. I’ve lived here all my life, with me nothing happened,” laughs the host.

Miroshnichenko believes that in Ukraine for the next two weeks there will be many tourists who will learn about the country and outside the venue of “Eurovision”.

“We hope that people will see our wonderful city and nature. We want to say: trust us, do not forget us. We, modern people with an open heart, who want to be Europeans”.

Chaos in the organization under control

Timur Miroshnichenko meets us in the green room where the contestants will wait their turn and results. In addition Miroshnichenko “Eurovision” will be two more leading: Vladimir Ostapchuk and Alexander skichko. The choice of three men-the leading caused surprise. Strange it seems, and the explanation Miroshnichenko.

“It wasn’t planned. The organizers decided that we will become the leading after a series of contests. Our team, in their opinion, can handle best. For the first time leading three. This partly reflects the leitmotif of “Eurovision” in Kiev — the slogan “Respect diversity”.

The choice of three leading — not the only oddity, which surprised everyone. In February came the news that the horribly behind schedule, the staff was fired, and the fans were disappointed with the organization of sale of tickets. Timur Miroshnichenko sums up in diplomatic style.

“During the organization of such global events can happen anywhere. It only remains to thank those who started to do this work. So it happens that some people leave. Now we have a cohesive and professional team, with experts from all over Europe. Of course, everything will be ready on time. The first technical rehearsal will take place in about a week, of course, we have time.”

Miroshnichenko sure got a great show. One of the most important roles given to Jamal who won Eurovision last year.

“She’s here now as a national hero. It is everywhere, in every gear and advertising. At Eurovision we too often we see it, we can say that this is her competition”.

The money spent on repairs

Part of the difficulty stems from the fact that the state television of Ukraine became an independent broadcaster only two months ago. The organization of “Eurovision” — great work for the organization, which annual budget is approximately as much, how much it costs the organization of “Eurovision” — 32 million euros.

This amount is huge for the country, which is mired in economic problems, but compared to the costs of the organization of Eurovision in the last ten years, it does not seem something special, says Timur Miroshnichenko.

“From the point of view of economy for Ukraine now is not the time to conduct the song contest. On the other hand, due to the “Eurovision” song contest to draw attention to the problem of repair of roads and buildings in the city. In Sweden “Eurovision” were able to organize on a budget smaller than ours, because they have mostly everything was ready. In Kiev I had to expand the exhibition center to hold the Eurovision”.

We will have a music carnival, filled with ideas of love and peace, which will unite the whole world at that moment, when the eyes turn to Kiev, said Miroshnichenko.

“During Eurovision all want to be together and have fun. The main thing in “Eurovision” — anyway, what’s your skin color, what your sexual orientation or religion. We are all the same”.

Sounds overly optimistic, given, for instance, Russia’s attitude to sexual minorities. Miroshnichenko believes that Ukraine still has a lot to learn.

“However, the situation in Ukraine better than in Russia. Until the second half of the 1990s, we knew nothing about sexual minorities, this topic was banned. We learn to respect diversity. In the past year without any obstacles a parade of LGBT people. We are moving forward in this regard and “Eurovision” is a wonderful way”.