What bad habits can cause back pain

Get rid of these bad habits and you will feel the effect almost immediately, and advise physicians, whose opinion leads health.info with reference to “Home”.

You slouch

Mom was right: bad posture is really harmful for health. If you slouch, the shoulders are always tense and this can cause spasms in the back. The soreness you experience is a kind of defense mechanism. Thus the muscles give you to understand that you need to change the situation until they had more serious problems. Try to put under the lower back hard pillow, it will support the natural curvature of the spine and will help you keep your back straight.

You lean on one elbow

When you constantly rely on left or right elbow, the load is distributed unevenly, the muscles get overworked, and this provokes spasms. In addition, the constant stress on one hand could trigger the so-called “syndrome tennis elbow” – injury to the elbow, which causes severe pain. To prevent that, during operation, place your hands on the armrests – they are created for comfortable load distribution.

You bend your head forward

Without even noticing, while reading, we often lean in to the monitor, tablet, phone. Why is it harmful? Because the head of an adult and so is quite heavy, it can news of 4-5kg. But when you bend the strain on the neck even more. This leads to muscle pain and headaches. Follow the position and as soon as you notice that you tilt your head forward, tighten your abdominal muscles and straighten the shoulders, and several times tilt your head to the right and to the left. You cozy curled up on the sofa with a good book? Every hour take a 5 minute break to stretch their legs.

You sit too close to the monitor

To our eyes it is easier to focus on the object if it is at a distance. But if you spend long hours in the office, literally, his nose buried in the monitor, the load increases. The result is pain, pain, fatigue and redness. It is believed that the monitor should be in the 50-60 cm from the eye. To start, try to install it at arm’s length and after a few hours to evaluate the effect of changes.

You put one leg over the other

In this position the main burden falls only on one thigh, and this can lead to pain in the joints. Ensure that both feet are on the floor, hips slightly higher than knees – if necessary, lift the seat.