Erdogan will become the new Putin

I believe that every nation has the right to vote against democracy, if he wants. But such an event is no less tragic. Especially if the opinions about the country was divided.

Now Erdogan will become the new Putin and Turkey may finally Europe to wave hand goodbye.

Most Turks, though unconvincing, wants, obviously, to a country ruled by man, which is devoid of a doubt, and who always knows everything better than anyone.

Of course, if the elections were not rigged. The two largest opposition parties argue that not everything was as it should be, and require to convert 60% of the vote.

Thus, there is the worst situation possible, and the contradictions between those for Erdogan and those who are against him, can still grow. We can not exclude violence.

Assuming that the party voted for, actually won, the Turks apparently believe Erdogan is extremely suitable figure to lead the country to a better future, although in the last four years, he led Turkey in an increasingly authoritarian direction, and along the way hurt the economy and the welfare of the country.

Closer to dictatorship almost can not be

What is now voted the country’s population, is not a strong presidential power in the American model. Even closer to the dictatorship, the country will come only if you will cancel the right to vote.

President Erdogan may introduce a state of emergency and rule with decrees. The Parliament will turn into a passive puppet. The President has enormous power over the courts. Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) is almost a dictator. In practice, it has become a reality after a coup attempt last summer.

He received approval on its way to becoming a modern Sultan.

Although the victory was not straightforward as he had hoped. Educated urban dwellers voted against, while conservative villagers voted “for”. Mr. Erdogan will now be able to unite a deeply divided country, it is difficult to say.

The system, which was voted on by the Turks, completely devoid of balance and control, which are available in the United States. We are in the last three months could ensure that, as President, Donald trump tried to break the us Constitution, but immediately received a hand from the courts. They forced him to retreat.

Congress has thwarted his attempts to replace the security system, Obama is the worst alternative.

Can stay in power until 2029

If trump were the same powers that are now Erdogan, he would crush both the courts and Congress. So in a democracy should not be. Besides, the new Constitution would allow Erdogan to take the post of President until 2029, if re-elected.

The Turks for decades have lived under military dictatorship or authoritarian leaders. A short period of democracy lasted only since 2002. Young, immature democracy in a country where many still do not understand its essence.

The same development we see in Russia. Russian with each election gave Putin more and more powers until he was a situation where it can be viewed virtually as a dictator elected in a democratic way. Similarly, Erdogan, Putin played the Constitution to be able to hold the post longer.

In many ways, Erdogan learned from Putin. Just as Putin, “a strong leader” Turkey has spurred nationalist sentiment to strengthen their position. When Erdogan in the elections in the summer of 2015 did not get the majority, he breathed new life into the war against the Kurdish PKK to create a sense of threat and insecurity. It worked, and while new elections later Erdogan the majority of the votes received. Unsuccessful military coup gave him into the hands of even more weapons. Mode and still has not provided any substantial evidence that the coup attempt was the Hizmet movement, however more than 100 thousand people were dismissed from government posts, and more than 30 thousand were arrested.

Hundreds of journalists detained

The main sign that Erdogan is converted from Democrat to dictator is, how he treats with a free press. Almost all independent Newspapers and TV channels had to stop working. Hundreds of journalists were detained by the regime, which even then was headed by the infamous list. Here, Erdogan is also copied Putin.

In the best case, Erdogan’s victory will lead to the fact that it will reduce some of the pressure, since now he is practically out of danger.

Initially Erdogan came to power because of his promises to bring Turkey into the EU. But as the evolution of his increasingly authoritarian manner, the door closes tighter. Probably, the Turks voted against democracy, has finally closed that door. Although for the sake of honesty I must say that before joining the EU Turkey has always been far.

The EU now depends on Turkey, which for a significant amount of money stops the flow of refugees. If Erdogan decides to break the agreement, the EU will have hard times. The stability of the European Union will not survive another uncontrolled flow of refugees. The EU will therefore continue to refer to Erdogan as an equal, although he had already joined the company of authoritarian leaders.

Erdogan motivates getting new powers that are going to modernize Turkey. But as the country becomes more modern when almost all the power gathered in the hands of one person, remains a mystery to me.