CSA, Chechnya and ORDA: options of reconstruction

They say that in the XV century the Moscow Prince Ivan III, rising from his knees, hesitated for Khan’s literacy and Basma. It’s the getting up and trampling have not abolished the payment of tribute. Demonstration of Imperial grandeur has its price, and Muscovy was paid to Khan right up to the EIGHTEENTH century In the early twenty-first St. Russian ruler, once again demonstrating to Imperial greatness, to restore constitutional order in Chechnya.

The result was a tributary of the Chechen leader. Since then, the Chechens live according to their own unwritten law “On special order of local government in certain districts of the North Caucasus Federal district”. Your police, army, courts, etc. “They won and defended with weapons in the hands of their privileged position in Russia, paying for it in blood. They are winners,” wrote Russian writer Alexey Tarasov in “Novaya Gazeta” a little over a year ago. Vassal the right of the sword had been in the war with their suzerain privileges.

This approved in Russia the variant of reconstruction of relations between the center and the rebellious principalities and persistently imposed on us, Ukrainians. In ORDA seem to also consider themselves winners (it’s hard to disagree listening to Ukrainian mantra about no alternative to the Minsk). Therefore, their claim to tribute and privileged status are quite logical. But the requirements orlovskih leaders, supported by Moscow and Western capitals that go far beyond Chechnya.

If Kadyrov — Putin marine painting “Zakharchenko declares himself an infantryman Poroshenko” today can draw only in delirium. No, we do not discuss the suzerainty and vassal points of the oath — from us demand of unconditional surrender. And kiss loyal to the Russian Basma, and make Minsk the diploma, but still wholly pay “vosstanovleniyu” Dan, the red line of the Ukrainian budget is written.

It is clear that in this case the state of Ukraine as we understand it today, will cease to exist. There is the option of a conditional surrender, in which the “on behalf of Putin, Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky very politely asked to leave their posts voluntarily. Instead, they will receive acting, no matter what, in any case less odious and respectable,” wrote a year ago, journalist Rachmaninov. Are currently “managers Poroshenko”.

What will remain of Ukraine in this embodiment, the reconstruction is hard to say. Moreover, even the solution to the problem of purely other, shall we say, not by way of Minsk, leaves the future open to mortal danger. You can lose everything, even winning the war. If you fail the reconstruction of the conquered. As happened in the United States on the former territory of the so-called Confederate States of America (CSA) after 1865, To the end of the NINETEENTH century the confederates (and their followers) “in the long and bitter struggle fully regained all that they at one point had lost as a result of defeat in war” (Loewen J. & E. Sebesta, 2010).

The period from 1890 to 1940, American historians call the Nadir, which translates as “the worst of all times”. This time, the Ku Klux Klan and lynching, racism, segregation and civil freedom. This is the life “for whites only”. Knowing the terrible facts of recent American history of the South, it is difficult to imagine that immediately after the Reconstruction in southern North Carolina, for example, about 1 thousand government positions as appointed and elected, was held by African Americans — among them, a representative of the state in the Federal Chamber of Congressman George.White (two terms).

The failure during the Nadir from the height of these achievements of Reconstruction were the result of naive faith of the North in the well-known generosity of the South. By default, it was assumed that the military honor the loser in a fair battle would not allow him to continue guerrilla resistance with the use of other unworthy and despicable means. The latter (from the point of view of their honor, of course) is the legal, bureaucratic chicanery.

Alas Noble the South was replaced by a glorious bayonet on the low of the legislative pen, so with the help of the so-called Black codes to keep blacks “as near to the conditions of slavery as possible”, says Edmund Rhett, Jr., one of the prominent ideologues of the white supremacist.

In fairness, we should remember those soldiers of the South, among them General James Longstreet, for example, who believed in “justice sword” and accepted his verdict — the highest law that can exist is that established by force of arms (“the highest law is the one that is set by the battalions on the battlefield”). But these were a minority. General Jubal Anderson early, who beat Phil Sheridan at Cedar Creek in the Shenandoah valley, hit in history (he was elected President of the southern historical society and put forward in the 1870s the concept of the “Lost cause” — Lost Cause), and in all seriousness compared the scourge of the southerners with the troubles of the chosen people in the Babylonian captivity.

“Do we show less faith than they?” — exclaimed the President, quoting from the 136th Psalm of David, “by the rivers of Babylon, there we sat and wept when we remembered Zion” — and zhivopisuya “bloody hands of the conqueror and his dirty boots on the neck of the victim” (the General historian should remember that the Babylonian captivity was the Lord’s punishment for the sins of the people izrailevka).

Black code of Mississippi was established that “all free Negroes or mulattoes shall be no later than the second Monday of January 1866 (and annually thereafter) the lawful home or employment, than to present a written certificate” — registration and employment history, in our opinion. Article 7 of the Code obliges every constable (and every white citizen was allowed) to arrest and return to the employer of “any Negro or mulatto, who left work prior to the expiration of the statutory period.” Blacks were not allowed to have guns and own land. Any action that may be construed as “riots, unrest, abuse, malice, brutality (including against animals), incitement, disturbance, aggressiveness, a sermon (without a license from the registered churches), or other misconduct not specifically covered by the law” (!), was punished by imprisonment or fine.

Penalty can pay any white and get yourself a legal worker-slave. The position of the ex-slaves after the victory of the North had improved temporarily, but the real liberation has not come. Photo 1870s, “If Lincoln had witnessed the post-war threat to the freedom of blacks, he certainly would increase the degree of responsibility of the Federal government for the establishment of real freedom of African Americans” (William C. Harris, 2000). And first of all it is unlikely that the President would have been so generous in his Proclamation of Amnesty and reconstruction (December 8, 1863).

Presidential mercy every rebel was forgiven and restored all the rights that cost only swear to respect the Constitution of the United States to give up slavery. What about not signed the oath by the rebels, the Proclamation does not explain. Many an illustrious rebeliant, General Robert E. Lee, for example, never took the oath of allegiance to the Union with them, and nothing happened.

Although the Proclamation outlines the do not forgive: officers with the rank of Colonel and above, officials of the so-called Confederate officials-traitors, all trapped in this circle, however, successfully avoided a fair prosecution and lustration. With congressional southerners actually starred any responsibility for the insurrection; “they should be admitted to their seats in Congress,” requires a Proclamation. Yes, what about the colonels and officials, if the so called President of the so-called Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis only pairwise two years in prison and was released to the world (on bail, but so no one and did not judge, and in 1868 he came under the Amnesty of President Andrew Johnson).

Vice-President of the States Alexander Stephens became a Congressman and then Governor of Georgia. 123 the President of the CSA Jefferson Davis Such terms of Amnesty and the reconstruction made the rematch inevitable. The fierce promise of the North “to turn Mississippi jamacia the swamp, if only the local white dare to make laws that offend even an inch of land that gave eternal rest to our soldiers, and over which now the flag of freedom” (Chicago Tribune), left on newsprint. It reminds nothing to you? Neoconfederate accurately determine the point of support for the coup. It was the concept of self-government, universally revered Americans ever since colonial. Through the efforts of southern ideologues mythologized to the point of “our sacred rights”.

If during the parade of sovereignties of the southern States the government was understood by them in the spirit of the Revolution of 1776, where the criterion of sovereignty was the right to levy taxes and establish fees (as it was declared in the address of the Convention of South Carolina to the nation December 24, 1860 on the causes of secession), then after the war it turned out that the “great and common goal of the South was to retain the right to self-government and thus to save themselves from the terrible consequences of racial mixing and social death. Residents of the southern States enough learned of a Negro in order to understand that the latter is a completely different type of person; that his brain, his bones, his appearance, his nerves, virtually every part of the body is different from that of the white man; it is prone to many diseases, not known to us. And because the blacks are in need of care and protection by a superior race” (R. Horton, the author of the first history of the Civil war, written from the perspective of South).

26 Aug 1868 General Robert E. Lee wrote a letter signed by 25 eminent southerners, former leaders of the Confederacy called the “white Sulphur Manifesto” (White Sulphur Springs is a town in West Virginia). The Manifesto was a response to the request of William Rosenkranz, Union army General during the war, and of the democratic candidate in the elections of 1868, which thus tried to enlist the support against the Republicans. 123 monument on the grave of John.Davis in Richmond Expressing “almost unanimous opinion of southerners,” General Lee acknowledged that the war gave the final answer to the questions of slavery and the rights of staff.

Assume that white has a bad attitude towards Negroes is the great Northern delusion; “they grew up in our midst, and we are accustomed from childhood to look upon them with kindness.” And even if not to take into account this natural southern kindness to a black, basic interest of employers in labor force white “to extend to the Negroes care and protection”. The signatories believe that soon “the relations of the two races harmonized on a Foundation of mutual kindness and mutual benefits”. But! “The people of the South, as were most inhabitants of the North and West, adamantly opposed to any legislative system that would transfer political power into the hands of the black race”. Can only resist this government. “The South wants peace and restore the Union.

Southerners crave the restoration of their rights under the shadow of the Constitution. But most of all they hope to restore in the southern States of what is rightly considered an inalienable right of every American — the right to self-government.” This right was granted to the Federal government; in 1877 is housed in the South the army was ordered to return North of the barracks. As noted by Lowen and Cost, the authors of the collection of documents of The Confederate And Neo-Confederate Reader, Robert E. Lee, a noble hero, an intellectual, liberated their own slaves and advocated the abolition of slavery in the Confederacy, by this letter-Manifesto “played a prominent role in the destruction of the civil rights of African Americans, dooming them to a century of discrimination and brutal violence”. The 100 dollar bill Confederate States of America, As you know, people are vicious tightly linked and constitute a force. Such power can be broken in the violent confrontation, but she will definitely be back, just lightly, to provide a tightly bound evil people the opportunity to manage life.