“Russia is not ready”: the General said about world war II new quality

The last time the phrase “third world war” is used so often that it has become almost commonplace for us. Most of us don’t believe that it really happens — at least in our lifetime.

However, some political processes that occur in the world today, should be alerted. For example, a particular nuclear activity of North Korea, the tension — if not conflict — between the United States and the DPRK. The presence of Frank the aggressor — the Russian Federation — also has a “nuclear button”.

What could trigger a Third world war? What stops this? Do I need a Third world war — a nuclear war? What could be a war, “new quality”?

To these questions is “Browser” in a short interview answered the General-the Colonel in resignation, the former chief of the General staff of the armed forces, former first Deputy Minister of defence of Ukraine Anatoly Lopata.

15 April, North Korea intends to test a new nuclear bomb. Everyone knows how they are passionate about the implementation of its nuclear program. Can such actions and, in General, the confrontation between the U.S. and North Korea to provoke a new world war?

— I wish we all knew what the Third world war. Many researchers this process, saying that a Third world war is already underway, but it is, as they say, other methods and other ways.

But if we talk about the Third world war from the perspective of the Second world war, the conflict between North Korea and the United States to lead to such a war can not. And it is unique.

— Why are you so sure?

— This is not war. Application of a nuclear strike is possible at any time — a country possessing nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles in any of the predicted or emergency conditions may make the launch. It would mean the beginning of hostilities.

But North Korea is neither economically nor geopoliticheskii, in human resource is not a country that today can threaten the world. There’s only ambitions of individual politicians. Today a single nuclear strike, and even ten nuclear strikes will not cause global effects.

We need to be calmer this because, by and large, this talk. North Korea cannot serve as a detonator for world war III. But this talk may lead to some kind of local conflict, with the result that there could be thousands and thousands of people, and the DPRK will disappear from the political map of the world. That’s all.

— That is, North Korea’s actions pose a threat primarily to the North Korean regime?

— Of course! It’s the elephant and the Pug. You cannot be a politician.

— What do you think about another country that could pose a potential threat to the world — the Russian Federation? You know that the new head of the White house trying to act very cautiously towards Russia. However, there is a country-aggressor.

— Using expressions such as “country-aggressor” should realize that this country is and relative to what other countries it carried out the aggression. If Russian Federation and Ukraine, it is clear to everyone that Russia is an aggressive country. We did not come to Russia, and Russia occupied the Crimea and have taken all efforts to separatism in the East of our country to turn into a powerful group, fueled by weapons and material resources from the Russian Federation in prepared to engage in further hostilities.

In this respect, for the United States, Russia is the aggressor. The aggressor can be and in light of the fact that it supports the Assad regime in Syria.

In relation to USA no aggressive action on the part of the Russian Federation no, but we have to understand one thing: that Russia was and is an independent geopolitical, economic center on the planet. And would like or would not like anyone to be or may not be with Russia, there is no choice. It is necessary to be considered. Because Russia has a high military potential, huge economic opportunities that may be incorrectly used. But this is an internal problem of the Russian Federation. And the US will continue to reckon with Russia.

— You said that it is important to understand what exactly is meant by a Third world war. Do I need a Third world war should involve the use of nuclear weapons?

— No, of course. I think that nuclear weapons will be eliminated in the next conflict. Conflicts will be, but the use of nuclear weapons should not be expected, because these weapons can be fatal to human civilization. All understand it.

Following the war, the Third world, if it will be a war of a new quality. The problem is that the Second world war was not conducted in space, and the Third world war is transferred to another dimension — it will be conducted in space.

The Russian Federation is not ready for such a war, although the Russian Federation and being the relevant development. This war is ready to USA only. And for them it are problematic, because they are at the beginning of preparation for such actions, although technically and economically, these issues are resolved. But individual samples is not a manufacturing process.

I think that war in space is possible in 50 years.