Vinnyts’ki village will receive micro-grants from “Myronivsky Hliboproduct”

Agroholding Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) initiated a competition for social projects “the Village. Steps for the future” for entrepreneurs in the five districts of Vinnytsia region. About the beginning of the competition was announced at a press conference held on 11 April in the premises of Vinnytsia regional state administration. In the meeting with media representatives was attended by the Chairman of the Board of PJSC “Myronivsky Hliboproduct” Yuri Kosyuk, Chairman of the Vinnytsia regional state administration Valery Cow, the Chairman of the Union of entrepreneurs “the Wall” Alexander Pechalin. In a course a press-conferences Yury Kosyuk and Valery Cow signed a Memorandum on cooperation in the implementation of the project.

The Competition “Village. Steps to development” will be held in Tulchyn, Trostyanets, Haissinsky, Bershadskii and the Nemirovsky region Vinnytsia region. He focuses on those villagers who are unable to implement some of their own initiative due to the lack of start-up capital, need advice on business or legal support. The conditions of competition provide 20 grants for 40 thousand UAH each. In may in the region will begin workshops and public discussion of the conditions of receiving grants under the competition. A Commission of representatives of the Vinnytsia regional state administration, MHP and Union of entrepreneurs “the Wall” are going to hold the selection of candidates is transparent and based on the views of the public.

The Chairman of the Vinnytsia regional state administration Valery Cow noted that the Memorandum signed today means the beginning of a new stage of development of the region. “We are witnessing the formation of a civil society. It is very important to rebuild your way of thinking and to instill a sense of ownership to changes as a native village and the country as a whole. We will promote the implementation of the contest. It will be the hallmark of the implementation process of innovative projects, new jobs”, – assured the head of the state administration.

Addressing the audience, Yuri Kosyuk said that the creation of conditions for employment, providing people with new opportunities in the regions where MHP has always been considered by the holding as one of the important tasks. He recalled that the launch of Ladyzhyn poultry has changed the economic and social situation in the Vinnitsa region.

In addition, MHP today occupies a leading position in the country in the development of green energy and the introduction of non-waste production. Innovative technology that uses the MHP, are among the best not only in Ukraine but also in countries of the European Union.

During the presentation of the contest was recalled about another side of the MHP activities in the region of Vinnytsia in Vinnytsia physics and mathematics gymnasium will host the 24th Olympiad “Tournament of Champions”. Almost a quarter of a century in the winery, going to the most talented students – winners of international Olympiads in science. They – the future scientific elite of the country. This year a key partner that supports the “Tournament” was the “MHP”.

According to people’s Deputy of Ukraine Mykola Kucher, the leadership of the MHP demonstrates a critical example of how the case should take care of the country and the people. “You can walk with placards and demand, and it is possible to create jobs and to honestly pay taxes and salaries,” he said.

For example, in Cherkasy region for two years, the MHP is implementing a project similar to the competition “Village. Steps to development” which launched in Vinnytsia region. There are representatives of the holding came in the local community to hear about the issues that matter to residents. It became clear that most of the villagers lived in the belief that they should state that the government is bad at all levels – from the Chairman of the district administration to the Governor and the President… “Then we asked: if you want to live better, why do you need all these people you mentioned? You have your own land, the opportunity to develop their own business. Can do business together, – explained Yuri Kosyuk. – When people feel supported, they began to srivatsa the mood of the consumer. They realized that able to change your own street, village, town”. During the contest, residents of the villages received funds for the acquisition and cultivation of raspberries, creating pottery and sewing workshops. Today, with the support of MHP in Cherkasy region implemented projects in the sphere of green tourism, work, sewing and pottery workshops.

Chairman of the Union of entrepreneurs “the Wall” Alexander Pechalin drew attention that the support of local communities by big business is standard practice in developed countries, which still have not been developed in Ukraine. Mr. Pechlin cited examples, when our people are able to achieve success from scratch. For example, the owner of the supermarket chain, which started with $300. One of the members of the Union, a major property owner throughout the area, in the office in a wall, the ruble and 60 kopecks Soviet times with an explanatory inscription “With this money was the beginning of our firm”. “Entrepreneurs are an active part of our society, and each year they create two hundred new beginnings. Sometimes they need to help quite a bit. We are confident that the competition “Village. Steps to development” give rise to new, vibrant businesses. And we’ll be selected for competition areas, training seminars” – promised Alexander Pechalin.

According to him, “the Wall” already implemented a number of projects in which the grants were provided for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. But then cooperated with foreigners – Swiss, Americans, Germans. “Competition “Village. Steps for the future” was the first instance when small businesses will work with the Ukrainian company. I am glad that the domestic big business meets the European Directive “think small first”,” – said Alexander Pechalin.


Chernobrivets Diana