McCain criticized Russia for its interference in the Affairs of the Balkan countries and throughout Europe

US Senator John McCain criticized Russia for its attempts to interfere in the Affairs of the Balkan countries and throughout Europe. It is reported “European true” with reference to Associated Press.

McCain, who heads the Senate armed services Committee, is now touring the Balkans and is now in Montenegro. “Behavior on the part of Russians in the region and in the world is unacceptable,” he said.

As reported, the Senate supported the annexation of Montenegro to NATO last month, and President Donald trump signed the ratification on Tuesday. “I believe that Russia’s behavior requires our solidarity and our power in order to save the principles and foundations of democracy,” McCain said.

McCain drew a parallel between the events in Montenegro and possible intervention of Russia in the U.S. presidential election. “There is no evidence that they succeeded. But there is evidence that the Russians are trying to undermine the democratic process in other parts of the world,” added the Senator.

Earlier, McCain said that the accession of Montenegro to NATO plays an important role in protecting the stability of the region and uniting the efforts of the Western allies to confront an aggressive Russia.