What reboot? The white house exposes the false information about Syria

With the reset of relations with Russia, intended by President Donald trump has a big problem.

This is one of the main ideas of a four-page dossier about the chemical attack perpetrated by the Syrian authorities on the fourth of April, in which about a hundred people died and many were injured. This document, prepared by the Council of national security and needs to be released Tuesday, given the details of the expert assessment made by the United States. According to this estimation, the perpetrator of the atrocities the Syrian regime is. But the document also reflects changes in public attitudes to the administration of trump, who, like his predecessor, hoped to improve relations with Russia.

Dossier replete with specific intelligence information. Nor does it say on that did Russian on the chemical attack in advance (this was the conclusion come some American special services). But it is stated in the part where the refutation of misinformation spread by Russia, which made a number of false and hypocritical statements. These statements are different versions from the stories that a cloud of deadly gas came after a bomb hitting belonging to the opposition forces warehouse with chemical weapons, to claims that the incident was completely fabricated.

“The Syrian regime and its key ally and patron, Russia is trying to enter the world community confusion about who is responsible for the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people during this and previous attacks,” reads the dossier. In another part of the document says that Moscow’s reaction to the incident that occurred on the fourth of April, “in accordance with the scheme, which is usually followed by Russia, in response to heinous acts. She indulges in long conversations, making numerous and conflicting versions to cause confusion and make the international community doubt.” The authors of the dossier also made fun of “loud and ridiculous statements,” sounding from Syria and its allies, a clear reference to Russia.

The dossier is refuted by Russia’s statement that the strike targeted are in the hands of the opposition the warehouse of chemical weapons. The document notes that the video is made using commercial satellite, visible crater in the road and no attack on the warehouse with chemical weapons is not observed. The authors of the dossier also noted that Russia has claimed that the attack took place between 23:30 and 00:30 on the fourth of April, despite the fact that reports of the attack appeared in social networks in the morning at 7:00 local time.

As for the evidence of guilt of the Syrian authorities in the implementation of the attack, the document provided to Bloomberg View, says that the US government has received the relevant data. We are talking about data “signals intelligence”, or “intercept data” and data “geospatial intelligence”, image analysis and other data that allow you to lay the blame for committing the chemical attack in the town of Khan Shakun on Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

The dossier States that the US authorities have obtained the evidence based on “physiological samples collected from numerous victims” of a chemical attack, in which sarin was used. In addition, the document notes that the evidence base is dominated by data obtained from public sources (as from witnesses who were at the scene, and from the numerous videos posted on the Internet in real-time) that are contrary to what they say are Russian.

But really the most striking thing about this report is that the authors condemn Russia’s response. Trump has sought to “reset” relations with Moscow, in 2009-2010, was expected to do and President Barack Obama. Now, as told in a conversation with me one U.S. official, Russian officials in telephone conversations with his colleagues from the administration trump’s privately expressed in the spirit of the same propaganda line that their government voiced publicly. “This has caused huge disappointment in the higher echelons of power,” the official said.

The Syrian incident have already led to diplomatic consequences. Secretary Rex Tillerson during his visit to Moscow on Tuesday to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Over the last week the rhetoric Tillerson became more rigid and Syria. Speaking to reporters in Italy before leaving for Moscow, he said: “it is clear that the rule of the family of Assad is coming to an end.”

In this latest twist in U.S.-Russian relations is an encouraging irony. March 30 a former FBI agent Clint watts (Clint Watts), speaking to the Senate Committee on intelligence, said that during the election campaign trump and members of his team repeated fake news coming from the Russian agents of influence. In particular, there was information about that at the Incirlik air base in Turkey there was a terrorist attack. In its analytical report on Russia conducted operations to influence the elections of 2016, the US intelligence community also noted that one element of this campaign was the creation and dissemination of false information to discredit the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trump himself has not condemned Russia for use in the election of these dirty methods. But now the Council for national security will publish a document in Russian which exposes the false information about the activities of her ward leader controlled the state. Given that the President himself still felt ambivalence toward Russia disseminated misinformation, it can be considered real news, not fake.