Syria follows the path of Yugoslavia and Assad — the fate of Milosevic

About twenty years ago, the West had allowed Slobodan Milosevic from the Serbian squad (Pro-Russian Orthodox Christians) to continue the bloodshed in Yugoslavia, then to the fruits of the war reaped the Muslims, and Russia has not received any benefits in the Balkans.

Now the West is repeating the same scenario against Bashar al-Assad, giving Syria the processes of mass migration and the escalation of religious conflicts. And now, it seems that the West wants to prevent Iran and Russia benefit from this situation. It was time that he intervened and ousted them from the region.

Trump not to change his position regarding Assad, have used the recent chemical attack (which has become a trap for the regime) to justify increased Western intervention in Syria, accompanied by the ousting of Iran.

It is therefore not surprising that trump blamed Bashar al-Assad and troops of the Iranian police, not focussing on Russia. When Trump asked the question about these groups, he replied that soon the U.S. will send them a message and they will understand.

At the end of last year in the New York Times leaked transcript of audio-taped conversation of former US Secretary of state John Kerry, during which he refused to consider as objectives in Syria, “Hezbollah”, which is listed in the list of terrorist organizations in the United States, stating that it poses no threat to America.

This is the difference between the two administrations — of Obama and trump. While Obama has allowed Iran to quell the jihadist movement in Syria, to prevent the fall of the Assad regime and even to carry out several chemical attacks, trump, obviously, is highly influenced by Israel, and this effect is stronger than with Russia.

Israel wants to see Syria squads of the Iranian police after they will fail their task. Saved Assad, the Syrians left the country, Syria is destroyed. So will the borders of Iran something that would have international significance or would give him an advantage in the negotiations?

The Syrian regime understands the danger of the trap, which turned out to be, but because soon foreign Minister of Syria said that the regime never used and never will use chemical weapons. This statement gives an indication of the horror that gripped the Syrian leadership to such an extent that it shamelessly decided to lie.

Everything that is happening in the UN Security Council is an attempt of the West to play in this event. America blames Assad and Pro-Iran militia groups, which in turn still did not make any statements about the chemical attack. Also, pursuing domestic goals, trump said that the cause of the bloodshed was caused by the weakness of the Obama administration.

As for Europe, it blames Russia and trying to put pressure on her, that though somehow to balance its own failure in the confrontation with Moscow after its annexation of Crimea, as well as convergence between trump and Putin.

Statements of Donald trump, his Deputy Mike Pence, as well as the permanent U.S. representative in the UN Security Council Nikki Haley confirmed that the US against Syria military plans, which trump does not want to reveal.

And until that happens, we have no other choice but to speculate, to analyze the statements, information leaks and try to tie together facts about chemical attack, which focused Western media. On the one hand they use high-sounding phrases and statements such as “massacre”, “the challenge to humanity”, “shame”, “gruesome attack” and “disgusting acts” and on the other highlight of the meeting Egyptian President Al-Sisi and Jordan’s king Abdullah II with trump.

If you associate all this with the discussions of the “Arab NATO”, in which Israel participates (criticizing the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people), the maneuvers, code-named “Resolute eagle”, which are now held in Kuwait with the participation of the Gulf countries and the United States, as well as a statement from Al-Sisi about the “deal of the century”, it’s easy to conclude that trump wants to do in Syria the same thing they did Bush during the operation “desert Storm” in Iraq after the last invasion of Kuwait. Then the armed forces of the Arab States acted under the leadership of the United States, and the last troops were on their territory under the pretext of ensuring the safety and protection of the civilian population, which was an important step that could pave the way for the settlement of the Palestinian issue.

So don’t be surprised if it becomes actively discussed the peacekeeping operation in Syria, whether under the auspices of the UN or the Arab States, or the expected start of the “Arab NATO.” This will be the first step to consolidate its presence in Syria, and this is exactly what the West did in Yugoslavia after the massacre of Muslims. All over the fact that Yugoslavia broke up and disappeared as a state. The same thing will happen to Syria, where of great importance in this context is the Kurdish formation in the North of the country, which later can be combined with the Kurdish autonomy in Iraq. The last one is the recognition of its independence, actively expressing their right to self-determination, and recently over governmental institutions in Kirkuk were raised the Kurdish flag. Will be silent at the same time Turkey, a direct impact on which will have a geographical and demographic changes in Syria? I don’t think so.