Zeman veers between Putin and trump

“I’m not going to say that something does not agree or Vice versa.” This first reaction Milos Zeman on the American attack on the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad suggests that the Czech President was in a situation that would prefer to avoid. Americans punish Assad, supported by Russia, for the chemical attack on civilians. And now Zeman is an extremely difficult dilemma: how not to piss off Putin, with whom he is close, and not close the doors to the White house trump.

In the Syrian conflict Zeman has long taken the side of Assad, who militarily supported by Russia. “In Syria there is a war between radical Islamist groups and the regime of Bashar al-Assad. In such a situation I follow the principle “of two evils choose the less” and stand on the side of Assad,” — said the Czech President a year ago.

Still it seemed that this position will not turn to Zeman problems. The positions of the US and Russia in the Syrian issue has stabilized and the U.S. administration under the guidance of Donald trump hinted that the departure of Assad is no longer a priority. However, the situation changed once in response to a chemical attack with the Syrian government aircraft on Khan shaykhun American forces launched a missile attack on the airfield of the army of Assad. Russia called it an act of aggression. And Milos Zeman have a problem. To agree with Putin and trump at the same time is simply impossible.

However, the Czech President is trying to satisfy both opponents. The first part of his remarks to Americans: “If a chemical attack really happened as talking about USA, their response was reasonable.” And the second part — for the Russian: “there is No certainty in what actually happened. And moreover, it is unclear whether the personal responsibility of the Assad regime.”

Zeman is acting on two fronts, first of all, because is now making a visit to the White house. And against Russian interests for reasons known to him alone, Zeman to speak does not want. So he is left with no choice but to cheat. “Maneuvering in connection with us missile strike, most likely due to the desire of the landed to meet with Donald trump, confirms the former Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Washington Petr kolář. — So Zeman for a long time did not comment on the situation and then spoke as if did not speak out”.

Probably, the desire of the Czech President to get out deftly explains the proposal to hold an “independent investigation” of chemical attacks in Syria. However, experts refer to such investigation very skeptical. “In principle, the investigation in the Syrian conditions is possible, but it would take several weeks. In addition, it is expected that the offender will try to hamper the investigation and delay its findings — says the analyst of security and former Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Israel, Tomas Pojar. — I have no doubt that the United States was very credible evidence, where was carried out the attack.” According to Paara, in the past has been repeatedly proven that Assad’s troops, and to a lesser extent, and the rebels are using chemical weapons.

Part of lakirovanie Zeman is his theory about what a war crime is not necessarily Bashar al-Assad. “We cannot exclude another scenario is that it was the independent action of some Syrian General,” said Zeman in an interview with Parlamentní listy, thus creating for Assad’s potential alibi. But this option is unlikely. “Theoretically, this could be someone’s self promotion, but in this case it is unlikely it was. If we were talking about the missile strike, then this option would be real, but aviation, as in this case, controlled by the Assad regime,” — said Tomas Pojar.

Could the Americans to the theories of Zeman with understanding, and not put the desire Zeman please “and yours, and ours” threaten his visit to the White house, remains a question. The Zeman argues that divergence of views cannot threaten the meeting with trump. “The main thing here is the agreement on common issues, and not about any one single incident,” the President said in an interview with Seznam.cz. However, the visit is still not approved. Unknown to his terms, and offers different lobbyists to help Zeman to be in the White house show that at the welcome meeting with Donald trump Zeman not sure. “From the beginning I doubted that before Milos Zeman will open doors to the White house. After the election, Donald trump responded to his call, took his proactive support, but that’s all,” believes the former Ambassador to the USA Petr kolář. In such a situation, the position of the Zeman on Syria can play an important role. There is no certainty that the team, trump will appreciate the “balanced position” and “policy of all azimuths” preached by politicians from a small Central European country.

A paradoxical situation: now Milos Zeman, who in a letter to the American President called himself “the Czech Donald trump”, has supported the fundamental question of world politics is not as hot as the European figures, which still belonged to the Trump very carefully. Visit “Czech tramp” the Tramp really is somewhat complicated. And concern that probable cause is sympathy for Vladimir Putin.