How long will the Ukrainians are looking for a new work – study

The search of desired place of work can sometimes be delayed for a period which is difficult to predict. But it may be that the work “fall” on you so quickly that your eye does not have time to blink.

As is the case with Ukrainians, decided to learn international HR portal HeadHunter Ukraine.

According to the study, most likely job find the sellers, representatives of the IT sector, logistics, media and heavy industry.

After a survey revealed that in the last six months half of Ukrainians did not change their permanent place of work and not waste time searching for a new employer. At the same time, a third of respondents were looking for work. 14% of respondents had several weeks to find a job.

However, every tenth Respondent were in search of a new place of employment within two months. 6% noted that they were in the process of searching for approximately six months. Every twentieth Respondent was engaged in employment from six months to a year, and one in ten spent more than a year.

According to the survey, the highest employment is in field of heavy industry — 26% of respondents managed to solve the issue of employment for two or more weeks. In the wholesale trade every fifth Respondent was able to find a job in one month. In the field of logistics and transport, the situation is similar: a new place of employment was found quickly for 19% of respondents. Also, compared to other professional sectors, the good performance of employment with representatives of the field of media and IT.

However, there are professional areas where the recruitment process can take a long time. So, according to the survey, every fifth specialist government agencies and every sixth specialist telecommunications spent more than a year to find a suitable job. A difficult situation finding a new place to fold and for those wishing to work in the oil and gas and financial sector. 10% of the specialists of light industry and food were also employed for about a year.

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