In the United States spent more than 10 million tests for the detection of coronavirus – trump

According to trump, it’s “twice more than many States put together”

More than 10 million tests for the presence of coronavirus was conductedin the United States, where previously developed a test to identify asymptomatic carriers of a new pneumonia. This was stated by us President Donald trump.

“We did 10 million tests in the country,” he said. According to trump, it’s “twice more than many States put together.” He did not specify which countries in question, but showed a sheet of paper on which they are listed.

Earlier, representatives of the Washington administration of high rank said that just last week, the US has carried out about 1.9 million tests. They will be conducted more often. The Federal government will send States $ 11 billion to scale up testing. The money will be granted in accordance with entered previously in force law on allocation of 2 trillion dollars to mitigate the economic consequences of the spread of coronavirus.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, which conducts calculations on the basis of information Federal and local authorities in the US were more than 1.38 million cases of infection with mers have died, more than 83,7 thousand people.

Earlier it was reported that in Iran with the use of nanomaterials has created a test to detect coronavirus.