The collector found the gold bars in the fuel tank of an old Soviet tank T-54

Collector from the UK found gold bars in the fuel tank of an old Soviet tank T-54, bought them on eBay, writes tabloid the Sun, according to “RIA Novosti”.

Nick Mead, to replenish his collection, which consists of 150 samples of military equipment, bought a tank for 30 thousand pounds (about 2 million). When my mechanic Todd Chamberlain, he began to disassemble the car to make sure that the inside has no ammunition, they took the fuel tank cap, found five gold bars. Their cost, according to preliminary estimates, more than two million pounds (over 140 million).

The foreign Ministry believes that the gold hid in the tank of the Iraqi soldiers engaged in looting Kuwait during the Gulf war in 1990-1991. Then the tank was captured and ended up in the UK.

“We didn’t know what to do. You can’t just come to the exchange with five gold bars on hand, so we called the police,” said Chamberlain. Police took the bars, leaving a receipt.

The authorities have decided to carry the gold in London. In the local police Department any comments on this occasion refused to give. “However, even if the gold can’t give me that tank, I still will remain,” – said the foreign Ministry.