Scientists have found the cause of pimples

American scientists have named the main reason for the development of inflammatory skin diseases, particularly acne.

Experts believe that the presence or absence of acne on the face determines the overall microflora, and not the presence of a particular strain of bacteria.

To such conclusions scientists have analyzed the microflora of the skin faces 72 persons, 38 of whom had acne.

The latter was discovered strains of Propionibacterium acnes, producing bacterial toxins that are dangerous for the skin. People without acne microflora of the skin was varied, which allowed to balance the negative impact of the strains of Propionibacterium acnes, producing bacterial toxins.

The authors note that much more important to maintain the natural balance of bacteria on the skin than using antibiotics to destroy all microorganisms.

Acne in young faces, as the authors note, about 80-85% of people. The disease is associated with inflammation of hair follicles on the skin, the causes of which are not completely clear. Among them — digestive problems, hormonal changes and bacterial contamination.

Previously, scientists have stated that excess vitamin B12 causes acne.