The United States officially moved to action… Target — Iran!

Missile attack on the United States airbase shirt in Syria were interpreted as a signal to Iran.

U.S. warships located in the Mediterranean sea, released 59 Tomahawk missiles at the air base shirt in HOMS, where, as expected, was a chemical weapon.

Signal rather to Iran than to Putin

Expert on strategy Akbash Hakan (Hakan Akbaş), comment on the U.S. attack on the airbase shirt in Syria, said: “Playmaker in the air and on the ground in Syria, Russia and Iran, two major forces. Missile strike, which took place this morning, is not that other, as a manifestation of the pomp and show of force, President trump, who always said, “I’ll make America great.” Here he gives a signal not only to Assad, and in fact, through him, to Putin and, most importantly, Iran. By the way, trump is doing this during a dinner with the President of China and thus also gives a signal to the leader of North Korea.”

The preference of Iranian dossier

Akbash continued: “while everyone is waiting for an operation in raqqa, we know that on the sidelines of the White house on Iran takes precedence over Syria. If you pay attention to the contacts the last time, came Netanyahu, Egyptian President al-Sisi was also in the White house, the king of Jordan twice in three months has met with trump. All of this really could Herald the impending military steps against Iran”.

The base was the focus of the militants under the control of Hezbollah and Iran

“This base Shirt was the focus of the militants under the control of Hezbollah and Iran. So I don’t believe it comes to direct military conflict between the United States and Russia. On the contrary, it will create an opportunity for their interaction.

Iran — a threat to the United States, and Russia. We clearly see what Iran made the region their wars for influence, which he leads not only in Syria but also in other regional countries. In the public opinion of the United States there are two: North Korea and Iran. We are entering a period of military steps that the “commander in chief trump” will take after the operation,” — said the expert.