International conflicts: the anger goes away, and life goes on

The most serious of international conflicts based on some confusion. Countries enter into fierce controversy — it comes even before the wars — due to the fact that to be confused with the people themselves, but rather, with men.

In the body, men are vulnerable “soft bodies”, which he seeks to protect in the face of threats. The country of such bodies there, that’s why Russia should not aggressively defend its borders; that is why the Czech Republic at the time was not a dagger in the body of the German Empire, but a country with gentle hills, which on the part of Germany looked exactly the same as the Czech Republic.

A sensitive man, too hungry for approval from others can lose face. The state has no face. The offended man may feel insulted and angry. The state, in fact, it can’t because it is abstract and provided by the government, which for a start should pretty nervous on any occasion, to then simultaneously feel resentment and in the end collectively wish to apply to the offender for retaliation.

This, of course, about the Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which today confuses himself with his own country and therefore allows himself to throw phrases like: “If you Germans don’t let me in, I’m the whole world will put on the ears”. However, this also applies to Donald trump, forever equating the intergovernmental relations between the US and Russia to their personal relations with Vladimir Putin.

Authoritarian leaders like the above two presidents within their own countries identify themselves with the people and the outside world — with the whole country. Such people, of course, “fire”, they differ in the same penchant for rhetorical escalation, they want revenge, but after revenge for this revenge new revenge. A man’s honour is a pretty hungry beast, which in ordinary life gives its owner a lot of problems, and in international politics and does entail some trouble. A war began in this way, we just forgot about it because between the major powers for more than seventy years, wars were fought only “proxy”. Says a lot about the fact that this phase has passed.

For example, Donald trump, in whose hands is concentrated the largest number of weapons on the planet, in his own words, wants to win the war. And it sounds ridiculous, because the US in this century so far won all the wars, only after winning the case they were upset. What the war meant the President when he talks about “winning”? In the New York Times on this topic recently published an interesting article titled “Military ambitions trump: brute force as a means to achieve the goal.” It States: “the trump with great desire expressed interest in the preparations for the conflict between the major powers, which the whole world tried to avoid since the Second world war. That sounds about right.

But in these hard conditions relative to a prudent medium-sized treats men who confuse themselves with the people, and their emotions — with the interests of the country?

This, of course, about Angela Merkel. (Or Martin Schulz if he becomes Chancellor). First, almost absolute “neoadjuvant” Chancellor plays into the hands of vital for Germany’s interests in matters of the world. When Erdogan speaks of Nazi methods, in the ears of the head of the German government — headphones. And when she hears it said, then replied: No. Or something like that.

The honor and pride aren’t appreciated in our area

And then in conflict with the authoritarian character, the main goal becomes the defense of his own ambitious course, in other words, the fact that the honor and pride in our country not too highly rated. This means that Erdogan is virtually in no way to offend the honor of the Chancellor, while he himself is almost nothing can touch. (Or is he just pretending? We were encouraged to). Not, it loses the face, and he loses nerve cells. Merkel, in turn, will say: “Tayyip, do you even know what my gross domestic product compared with yours?” The same mistake Barack Obama is constantly made in relation to Vladimir Putin and even to Donald Trump: who humiliates them, makes them stronger.

Even when trump in his oval office will be: “America first!”, the German Chancellor will say: “of course, but a good coffee here too?” Just next week Merkel will be able to try something like that, when she will pay a visit to Trump, so he will be surprised. He needs enthusiasm, and resistance annoys him, but indifference would be for him a real torture.

Thus, the principle of cooperation with authoritarian leaders is as follows: “descarada escalation”. Erdogan says “Nazism”, he answered — “care about Turkish democracy.” Threatening to put on the ears of the whole world, we respond to a warning to German tourists from traveling to Turkey. Putin annexed the Peninsula using military force, his punishment sanctions are imposed. Trump during the inauguration, saying his kind of fascist speech in response he read the UN Charter on human rights, the preamble of the Constitution or something like that. And so on. Violence to answer with meanness, and simplicity to counter complexity, efficiency to deal with a riot.

Thus three important aspects: first, “desalinhada escalation” you can overdo it. Who refuses to defend does not demonstrate thereby its sovereignty, and loses its authenticity. Secondly, never tolerate attack the authoritarian government from the outside and even to make such an impression that, unfortunately, occurred in a situation with Bearmanor from the office of the Chancellor. Thirdly, the media should not confuse themselves with the government. Just because the government can’t call it the American President “fascist”, it must be done by the journalists. Just because the Chancellor is in any case can not call the Russian President a criminal, it must be done by the journalists, if it is such.

Those who are of German de-escalation seems too much of a coward needs to keep in mind that the same cowardly hares, among other things, very well evolved. When Erdogan showed what’s what, should have thought that four million Turks are our fellow citizens. The hatred subsides, and life goes on. It has never been so important to think about the consequences of their actions. Because these consequences no one wants to experience.