For the bartender Poland is a sea of possibilities

We continue the series of articles on employment in Poland.

Search jobs abroad does not always caused by low wages or job loss in Ukraine. Sometimes people just do not see opportunities for professional growth. Vadim Selishchev, a native of the Dnieper, went to Poland because of the development in the specialty he loves. He agreed to talk about their experiences.

How long have you been working in Poland and why did you leave Ukraine?

By profession I am a bartender. Studied food technology at the University of the Dnieper. At some point I started to weigh the lack of development in Ukraine, did not see prospects – the opening of your business. Left two years ago. Now I work in a large network of restaurants that opened in Warsaw and Poznan. This is my third job with a degree.

What was Your path to your present place of work?

This was preceded by a long and difficult process. I was helped by the advice of a close relative, who has long been settled in Poland. He recommended that firms engaged in legal employment, which do not take money for their services. I only paid for the visa application centre and travel. And now he is already helping the Ukrainians to legally work here. At least because attempts to circumvent the law by some of our countrymen-pseudoparenchyma employment very bad impact on the reputation of all the Ukrainians in Poland. In my experience, people step onto the slippery slope most often through ignorance. They just don’t know what legal employment in Poland and further career growth is very real.

For example, I had to start here with heavy physical work, which I offered to the firm for employment. More than a year was working in the warehouse of a large online shops, return Department. However, I deliberately went to return to his specialty: mastered the language, accumulating communication. When a little bit of spoke Polish, he began to moonlight as a bartender. And reached the place with a good salary in Warsaw.

Tell us about your work.

This is my profession. I like it, I enjoy it. As elsewhere, it is sometimes hard. Otherwise differences from Ukraine. People order the same drinks, the same relationship in the team. That’s just the salary here is much higher than in Ukraine. In catering it is impossible to predict earnings. Income per month start from 2000 PLN (450 Euro). Professionally I’m all happy – official employment, medical insurance.

The language you study in Poland already?

Yes, on arrival. Understand until confronted with the vital need could not bring myself to do it.. he Studied on his own: now there are many online resources for this. I recommend to learn it before you travel basic words phrases, it will help.

What are you living conditions?

First lived in a hostel, in a room for four people and kitchen on the floor. Now with his wife rented apartment in Warsaw. Wife came to me a few months, found a job through the same employment agencies that I did. For payment of housing and communal goes half my paycheck. The second half of the salary of the spouse remains living.

As you can see your future?

In Poland, for us, has opened many opportunities to travel, to chat, to meet people. While I work on a specialty. But mostly think about starting a business. Although early to think about it seriously. Yet there is work to do.

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