In Davos waiting XI Jinping

In 1979 China only entered into the period of the policy of reform and opening up, for the first time received an invitation to participate in the economic forum in Davos. 38 years later, Davos meets with President of China XI Jinping. First time in the largest non-governmental economic world event for China will be represented by the head of the highest level.

Moreover, January 15, XI Jinping arrived in Zurich on a state visit. Switzerland was chosen as the first country head of China had to visit the new 2017 and the first European country with which China signed a free trade agreement. All this attracted wide media attention around the world.

In an interview with “huanqiu shibao”, the founder and President of the world economic forum (WEF) Klaus Schwab said that the main theme of the forum this year will be “Leadership: responsible to act in accordance with trends.”

The presence of XI Jinping on the forum has a “particular importance”, “the world is waiting for statements of China”, “the WEF in Davos the debate always lead Western leaders and non-Asian leaders.” January 14 New York Times not without frustration wrote that while the Supreme leader of China will deliver a speech in Davos, trump said that America needs to leave the traditional role of a superpower, which she played all the time with the end of the Second world war. “The forum in Davos will probably be the starting point for the new role of China” — January 14, the BBC, China will play a leading role in the promotion of globalization and the acceleration of the revival of the world economy.

15 Jan XI arrived in Zurich on a state visit to Switzerland. During this time he will take part in WEF, and will also visit the UN office in Geneva, the headquarters of the world health organization (who) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

As reported by the local media, the Swiss side have prepared for XI Jinping receiving an unprecedented high level. In just four days, the two leaders will directly communicate at least 8 times, including meeting in airport shared ride in a special train, a joint meeting with representatives of industrial and commercial circles in Switzerland to attend the WEF, and so on.

On the train Zurich-Bern correspondent of “huanqiu shibao” interviewed Mrs. Wei from Guangdong province: “I’m incredibly lucky! Just arrived in Switzerland more than two years, and then our President on a state visit, the first time in 17 years,” she said, barely hiding her excitement. “We met with the sisters 15th in the evening to go to Bern to meet President XI. If we fail to go to the airport, we stand outside. We will be happy, even if we manage at least one eye to see how he gets in the car!”

According to one of the largest circulation of Swiss Newspapers in French Le Temps, “undoubtedly, this is a historic visit”. Chief editor of the newspaper in the article entitled “the arrival of the Chinese friend,” writes: “the Chairman of the China forum in Davos is an important part of his visit. He will speak in defense of globalization and free trade, and will also appear on this important platform as the defender of stability in the world.”

Why the Sino-Swiss relations have reached such intimacy? In 2007 Switzerland has recognized the economic situation of the Chinese market. In 2013, Switzerland became the first European country with which China signed a free trade agreement. In 2016, Switzerland was one of the first member of the Asian infrastructure investment Bank (AIIB). In April 2016, President of the Swiss Kingdom made a state visit to China as leader of China in less than a year made a return visit.

German media noted that “China and Switzerland have become an example of China’s relations with Europe.” However different these countries may be, they perform incredibly closely. China is learning from the Swiss economy innovation and production technologies, as Switzerland needs the Chinese market. Switzerland is under scrutiny of China is also due to the fact that is a place of concentration of various international organizations. China itself is also an international arena for the demonstration of state power Switzerland.

Russian information Agency “news of the Federation” says that Switzerland is the only country apart from Iceland, with which China has a free trade agreement, Switzerland has for China is pretty big strategic importance and China may become a bridge to Europe. During this visit, XI Jinping will further strengthen the place of China in the world economy.