Ukrainians bring dollars to the banks – NBU

Citizens of Ukraine in March 2017 banks have bought foreign currency on the equivalent of $ 265 million, while the sold – 456,1 million dollars. About it reports a press-service of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

Thus, in comparison with February of this year the volume of purchases of foreign currency increased by 41.9% of sales to 67.1%, while compared to February last – respectively 6.7% and 52.2%.

In General, the first quarter sales of Ukrainians currency exceeded the volume of its purchases on 330,4 million dollars.

The NBU clarifies that direct USD Ukrainians in March I bought 206.4 million, and sold – to 335,9 million

We will remind, the NBU in April eased foreign exchange restrictions , increased to UAH 150 thousand (12 thousand UAH), the maximum level of operations with cash currency per day. In addition, January 1, Ukraine abolished the 2% fee on the purchase of currency.