DNA examination confirmed the identity of the alleged terrorist in Petersburg

DNA examination confirmed the identity of About Jalilova, which, according to the investigation, activated an explosive device in the St. Petersburg metro, said the official representative of SK Svetlana Petrenko.

Personality of About Jalilova during identification was confirmed by his parents. Now investigators are carefully studying the communication and social circle of an alleged terrorist.

Also found out the identity of all the victims.

“The last deceased Nevmerzhytska Maria tentatively identified, and today also held recognition Krasikovo Dmitrievna and Yulia Mazanova, Dmitry Aleksandrovich”, — said Petrenko.

Improvised explosive device discovered at the station “Ploshchad Rebellion”, directed to explosive expertise. It will determine the type, capacity, type of submunitions and other data.

As stated by the representative of the Investigative Committee for examination and send the items seized during a search Jalilova.

“According to preliminary data, they are similar to fragments of the explosive device discovered at “Vosstaniya Square”, but the final conclusions about this can be done also only on examination results”, — added Petrenko.

The explosion in the subway occurred in the train on the stretch between the stations “Sennaya Ploschad” and “Tekhnologichesky Institut-2”, 14 people were killed. According to investigators, 22-year-old Jalilov initially left a mail bomb at the station “Ploschad Vosstaniya” (neutralized it), and then blew himself up in a train. Jalilov is a native of Kyrgyzstan, a Russian citizen and an Uzbek by nationality, his family lives in Kyrgyzstan. In 2011, he received a Russian passport.