Maduro — Nicholas I

The Venezuelan Constitution you will not find any article which gives the legislative powers of the Supreme court. Moreover, there is even no hint that the Supreme court may assume the functions of the National Assembly.

Thus, the Supreme court’s decision to deprive the government, the Parliament, and deputies of immunity is the act of destroying the democratic and constitutional norms.

The Supreme court’s decision to assume legislative power the unicameral Parliament, which is dominated by the opposition, can be considered to undermine the constitutional order.

Is this democracy? There is no democracy. The Supreme court summarily legalized path to absolutism on the type of Nicholas I.

“As long as the will continue to disrespect (to the judiciary) and making invalid decisions of the National Assembly, the judicial authority ensures that the performance of parliamentary duties will be carried out directly by him or by the body which he will create for the sake of the rule of law (paragraph 4.4, resolution N° 155 Constitutional chamber of the Supreme court)”, — stated in the text of the decision.

According to the verdict, disregard for the judiciary is that the Venezuelan Parliament has not fulfilled the requirement of the Supreme court to invalidate the election of deputies from the state of Amazonas in December 2015. Then the court made the relevant decision because of irregularities in the voting process.

What does the current Supreme court decision? The decision means that Venezuela has no rule of law.

This means that Venezuela, which was one of the first countries on the continent, have chosen the democratic path of development, back in the dark times of obscurantism and dictatorship. During the presidency of Nicolas Maduro, the country entered into a dictatorial regime, which is not considered to any international law. The current regime of Maduro is ready to repeat the experience of Nicholas I to create an oppressive regime.

Recently, the Supreme court issued 56 decisions against the National Assembly, members of which were elected by popular vote. Now the Supreme court has deprived us of the legally elected deputies.

The next step for Nicolas Maduro can be output from the Organization of American States (OAS) due to the fact that opposition politicians were asked to activate the inter-American Democratic Charter as a threat to democratic institutions in the country have acquired real. The Charter, according to its creators, should be the tool to prevent the assassination attempt on democratic regimes in the member States of the organization and enhancing the sustainability of democratic gains.

Gentlemen, this is very serious. In the Constitution there are no provisions that would allow the regime to do such lawlessness. Even in the most extreme circumstances, the Constitution does not permit the dissolution of state institutions.

In Venezuela is celebrated depressing situation. The world’s highest inflation, poverty, hunger — all this has a negative impact on the credibility of Maduro. It is no accident that the members of the Supreme court, loyal to the ruling regime, for the sake of power, Maduro went on to a constitutional violation. In other words, they clear obstacles in his way to absolute power. As the deterioration of the situation in the country, the authorities will think only about personal gain and not the welfare of the people.

The decision of the Constitutional chamber of the Supreme court gives “green light” to Nicolas Maduro. Now he can take any action relating to civil, economic, military, criminal, administrative, political, legal and social spheres.

I should not be surprised if Maduro his first decisions will suspend elections, jailed the opposition deputies and out of the OAS. Only in this way can act dedictory, the only way a regime alien to the interests of citizens.

The confrontation between the Venezuelan President and opposition-dominated Parliament is quite natural, because only the national Assembly under article 203 of the Constitution, to start the procedure of impeachment of the President and to remove him from power.