Four signals Tillerson

The visit of Secretary of state USA Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson) to Turkey in the shadow of these sources of tension, as support for the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) Party “Democratic Union” (PYD) on the part of the Pentagon, the residence of the leader of the terrorist organization FETÖ of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen) in Pennsylvania, contact one of the leaders FETÖ Accusa Adil (Adil Öksüz) with the Americans after the coup attempt in Turkey, as well as the arrest of the Director of Halkbank, did not reveal “anything new.”

This visit demonstrated the tension between Ankara and Washington on many issues. Tillerson, whose plane late at night landed in the Turkish capital, first met with the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim (Binali Yıldırım). After a 40-minute talks with Yildirim Tillerson at the Palace in Beştepe was received by the President Erdogan. This closed press meeting lasted two hours ten minutes.

The emphasis on proper and legitimate subjects

According to the obtained information, the meeting in the presidential Palace, stressed the determination to continue the fight against terrorist organizations, especially ISIS (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — approx.ed.) in Syria and Iraq, and discussed the question of what joint steps can be made in this direction. It was reported that Erdogan drew attention to “the importance of work with correct and legitimate actors in the fight against terrorism.” In addition, we discussed the process associated with the results of the leader FETÖ, and questions about preventing of activity of representatives of this organization in the United States. Then Tillerson went to the Ministry of foreign Affairs and met with his counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu (Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu). In the future, the foreign Ministers held a joint press conference.

Cavusoglu criticized the US government on four issues.

1. Detention Director

The arrest of Deputy Director General of Halkbank Mehmet Hakan Attila (Mehmet Hakan Atilla) in the United States was one of the main themes that Cavusoglu drew attention. “We believe and see that it’s completely political process associated with the case (Reza) Saraba (Turkish businessman of Iranian origin, who was arrested in the US in 2016 on suspicion of financial transactions to bypass the anti-Iranian US sanctions — approx.TRANS.)”, — said Cavusoglu to answer the question on this topic. Recalling that the US investigation against Zarrabi started Bharara preet (Preet Bharara), a former Prosecutor associated with FETÖ, Cavusoglu said: “as for Bharara, social networking is not any Turkish comment that he never retweeted or got a like. All of these actions were implemented using interrupt his work. Of course, we from the very beginning to share our concerns, thoughts with our American friends. We will closely monitor this process.”

2. Support terrorists

Mevlut Cavusoglu, who drew attention to events that negatively affected the Turkish-American relations during Obama’s, said, “One of them is the cooperation of the previous administration with the people’s protection Units (YPG)/PYD and the support it has provided the YPG (PKK), while we all fought together against ISIS in Syria. The American administration and institutions in the United States, including the military, recognize that between the YPG and the PKK is no difference. The PKK is on the list of terrorist organizations, but, unfortunately, we have seen cooperation with YPG in Syria, we sadly observed that the last administration support YPG”. Cavusoglu, noting that support for the terrorist organization, which takes aim at Turkey, how upsetting Turkey’s leadership and adversely affects the attitude of the Turkish people to the United States, added: “We said that to fight one terrorist organization and cooperate with the other terrorist organization is wrong and unrealistic; this is especially a big risk for the future of Syria”.

3. Why did you call Okusu?

Minister çavuşoğlu also responded to the issue of the fact that six days after the attempted coup on 15 July in Turkey Adil Oxus, who led the coup on behalf of FETÖ leader Fethullah Gulen, and now is in hiding, received a telephone call from the US Consulate General in Istanbul. The Consulate said: “We called to notify him about the cancellation of the visa,” but declined details of this telephone conversation. “The US was a statement about why the call was made. Of course, we would like to believe this statement and not to look for that may for him to stand, but in the end we would like to see specific details,” said Cavusoglu. Tillerson also on this account said: “the Task of the Consulate is to provide information about any changes of visa status, is a normal procedure”.

4. To give the head FETÖ

Cavusoglu, who noted that the duality in the policy of the United States observed, in particular, on the question of the coup attempt on July 15 in Turkey and extradition to Turkey of the leader FETÖ — the terrorist organization responsible for the previous coup attempt, stressed that all information and documents in this regard were handed over to the US administration. Chashoglu who told that during his last visit to the US, he personally handed to the Minister of justice of new data provided by the Turkish Ministry of justice made it clear that Turkey is looking forward to some concrete steps. Then he continued: “We want to take at least some administrative measures was done on our request for provisional arrest”. Cavusoglu underlined the need to take steps to put relations with US back on track and to gain mutual trust, and expressed the hope that the steps will move the relationship forward.

Discuss useful!

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson announced that the administration trump wants to strengthen relations with Turkey. “USA is always a reliable ally for the Turkish people and the partner, a devotee of the security of this country, the development of economic opportunities. We want to confront together challenges, said Tillerson. — Administration, trump will continue to attach importance to its promise in the direction of further strengthening the long existing friendship between us. Tillerson, who evaded direct answers to questions about the support that the United States put the PKK/PYD, said: “I’m not hiding, this is a difficult decision and a difficult choice, I know, but such an open and useful discussion will continue. Mr. President, the Prime Minister and the Minister will take note of our talks today. I can say that the US and Turkey will continue its partnership in the coalition.”

If we 68 countries, can’t beat ISIS…

When answering the question about the fight against ISIS Mevlut Cavusoglu said that it is possible to fight together against the terrorist organization, and the United States do not need to use other terrorist organizations. “We have, 68 countries, and NATO. If we cannot defeat a terrorist organization consisting of 10-20 thousand people and for that we need other terrorist organizations, then we first need to understand ourselves. We can achieve success. We want to continue to work closely with our US ally in the fight against ISIL, stability and a political settlement in Syria.”

Mcguirk is untouchable!

After the occupation of the presidency, Donald trump was able to replace only the part of officials since Obama is not yet touched on the team that monitors the Syrian dossier. It is known that the employees of the military and intelligence agencies still impose the administration their views in the direction of cooperation on the field of battle with the PYD-PKK. Among the diplomats, who played a crucial role in establishing ties Washington — the PKK, is part of Brett Mcguirk (Brett McGurk), which last year received the award from the hands of the terrorist PKK/PYD. Mcguirk also was part of the U.S. delegation during the recent visit to Ankara Tillerson. It is known that now in Iraq and Syria is more than three thousand US military.