As in April, will change the life of Ukrainians: the new price of gas and rising prices

In April in Ukraine could grow by diesel fuel, and because of the season of “big milk” cheaper milk. In addition, this month will end the heating season, and will enter into force the new tariffs for gas. The website “Today” figured out how to change the life of Ukrainians in April 2017.

Will change the price of gas will end the heating season

The national Commission for regulation of energy and komuslug removed from the tariff for gas transportation and distribution, and introduced a monthly subscription fee. The result from the first of April cubic meter of gas will cost 6 hryvnias (instead of 6,8 hryvnia), however, it will have to pay a monthly fee in the amount of from 38 to 288 USD (the amount depends on the region and meter type).

Subsidy on the monthly fee does not apply to pay it is necessary, even if connected to the system, but not use gas.

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Such innovation is beneficial to those who burns more monthly 87 cubic meters of gas. For example, the Ukrainians, which heats gas to homes and apartments. At the same time, 40% of families use gas for cooking only, subject to the license fee, spending on utilities will have more.

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However, more than just on utility bills in April will be affected by the end of the heating season. According to experts, about 70% of the entire communal – heating costs. In April will need to pay for heating in March, but in may in the payment in front of the line “heating” will appear blank.

The heating season in Ukraine ends the first of April, said the Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services Gennady Zubko. However, in some cities, for example, in the river, the local authorities decided to turn off the heating at the end of March. According to the law “On housing and communal services” the heating should be turn off after the average temperature will stay above 8 degrees Celsius at least three days.

The unemployed will pay more

In January 2017 the national social security Fund decided on the first of April to increase the minimum payout unemployed Ukrainians. For those who have worked for more than six months, the minimum payment will increase from 1160 to 1280 USD. At the same time, payments to Ukrainians who have worked less than six months or were fired for cause, will not change – they are entitled to no less than 544 hryvnia a month.

However, of the millions of unemployed Ukrainians help from the state receive only 544 thousand. And the average size of payments – 1923 hryvnia (depending on the length and size of patches). In total, according to the Ministry of social policy, Ukraine can work 26 million people, and employed 16 million. The rest are employed in the informal sector, or not working.

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It is worth noting that in addition to monthly payments, the official status of the unemployed allows you to pay less for communal. Last year, the government decided in calculating subsidies for each unemployed person, to account for revenue in the amount of two living wages, at the moment is 3200 UAH. If officially receive the status of unemployed, the subsidy will be calculated taking into account unemployment benefits.

What will happen to prices

The first of April in Ukraine will increase the rate of excise levy on petroleum products with up to 213,5 171 per 1,000 litres. Increase excise tax on diesel fuel if used diesel fuel high class subject to excise of € 95 per 1,000 liters, from the first of April the rate will increase to 125 euros. The excise tax with the retail sales was moved to the basic rate. The so-called unification, experts say, can lead to a rise in price of fuel at Ukrainian filling stations.

“This unification may lead to rise in retail diesel fuel. If companies would deliver the same gasoline as before, then it is a plus torque to the cost. If the company will provide the benefits of less quality fuel, then the price increase will be about 60 cents,” – predicts expert in the field of energy Gennady Ryabtsev.

By the way, in Ukraine the cost of gasoline is affected by three factors: the rate of the national currency, the cost of petroleum products in foreign markets and taxes. In the structure of prices for gasoline a-95 purchase price of petroleum products is only 37.8 percent. Excise tax (22.8% in the structure of prices) and the excise tax on retail sales (5.4% in the price structure) are paid in euros. Another 15,8% – VAT (paid in local currency). Logistics falls 4.4% of the ultimate cost of fuel, another 13.8% and trading margin and administrative costs.

Thus, Ukrainian, buying five litres of petrol, for example, 100 hryvnia – 44 hryvnia pays taxes, and 13.8 hryvnia goes to the maintenance of gas stations, salaries and profits, 37.8 UAH have to pay for themselves of petroleum products, and 4.4 hryvnia for logistics.

As suggested in the Ukrainian club of agrarian business (UCAB), after the end of lent (Orthodox and Greek Catholics lasts until April 13) and Easter eve more expensive meat products and eggs. At the same time, milk will be cheaper. Already, the manufacturer noted a decrease in procurement prices of milk. “Because season large milk dairy products in April and may are cheaper by 4-5%”, – says the expert agricultural markets Eugene the Janitor.

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Recall also from the first of April some medications that the Ukrainians will be able to obtain in pharmacies for free. We are talking about medicines from cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and bronchial asthma. To do this, refer to the pharmacy marked “Affordable medicines” and show the prescription prescription. As explained in the press service of the Ministry of health, the budget for the program reimbursement (refund) will spend 500 million UAH.