Lugansk as the Imperial turn of the tides

This city is unique though, because twice regaining his name. In 1935 it was called Voroshilovgrad in honour of Marshal Stalin. In 1958, during the Khrushchev thaw he again became the city of Lugansk, Voroshilov how sluggish was supported by Nikita Khrushchev. And when the Marshal died in 1970, his name re-pinned on the city of Brezhnev’s ideologists. After 20 years, again parting with Stalin, the city — third time in Lugansk.

Similar to the ideological tides. The last three years we have another mental element, and Luhansk seem to feel good in a fur hat Soviet horseman.

In late Soviet times, I was lucky enough to arrive on historical faculty of the Voroshilovgrad pedagogical Institute. Finished it already as Luhansk. Almost 25 years ago.

Lucky, because the history Department was then trump. The contest was to 15 people in the place. And, as later became clear, not because of the rampant love for the past. With a degree in history it was easier to get into social mobility and join the party — she was still breathing — to get into the governing bodies or just bodies. With all due privileges. Primarily gastronomic.

Where and why it all disappeared? Within one generation!

Lucky, because half of the entrance exam I took in Ukrainian since I finished school in the Northern Luhansk region. Therefore, the story somehow managed to reply in Russian, essay writing about Benedo the Bird of Boryslav laughs Franco, and civics would be a disaster if the teacher who listened to me, was not allowed to articulate Hegel’s laws of dialectics in their native language.

On the language question, as it stands now, and then think no one could. “Russian-speaking” of Luhansk have described at least a fact — the faculty annually recruited six Ukrainian groups and Russian only two.

It was the Gorbachev era truly revolutionary. In my University first year undergraduates made free visiting of lectures. At the same time on the faculty notice Board began to receive the open letter to the teachers with the protests. Against Marxism-Leninism, which was tulile in the tail and mane against mandatory participation in demonstrations on 7 November and 1 may, and against insensitive didactic reviews to address student movements and thoughts, resorted to by the Professor.

Next was endless Kvny. Even on TV they were socio-political voice of the people. We also have obsesively all tastes of pop culture, school problems, which we shortly waited for the Institute’s orders, the state and city stupidity. And it was sharp and understand satire. Albeit unprofessional, but she welcomed the students and how we thought the whole city. Because then there were a variety of public organizations, initiative groups, the students became deputies of the city Council. All Donbass miners fever strikes and the miners demanded not only food and decent wages, demanded recognition of the Declaration of state sovereignty of Ukraine adopted by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in July 1990.

In the same year we won the KVN between the universities of Lugansk with a few of them there are four. The city then discussed whether or not to set near the bus station, another monument to the defenders of the city? There was a obelisk on the subject (antediluvian Egyptian tradition, by the way, a dedication to the sun God RA). Besides, in Lugansk, about the war — civilian or Soviet-German — reminded everything. Only the names of the main streets which are: the Defense, the First line (also defense), the Fifth and so on until the Sixth. What if the city Council allocates money for another monument — already cooked and three metal liberators, who were to pour concrete. We then called them in a speech three morons under the window. Received an ovation and thanks in particular to these morons have earned a place in Poland.

In the same year, from Lugansk to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR ran the well-known Moscow journalist Yuri Shchekochikhin. It thundered all over the country for its devastating investigations. Then the elections won, and in 2003 it successfully poisoned by the FSB. Because almost got to the truth — who blew up the Moscow apartment buildings, with which it began the second Chechen war.

Then in August of ‘ 91 was a failed coup attempt in Moscow, and already the first of December the all — Ukrainian referendum on independence. And here attention! The plebiscite came more than 1 million people — more than 80% of the population of Luhansk region, and more than 83% voted to secede from the USSR.

Where and why it all disappeared? Within one generation! Very simple. With drive then just left the region. Those who remained and did not bury in dashing the nineties, has matured and calmed down. And no longer know how many years, as they are sucked into the satellite dish. Now these are even on the dilapidated houses in each village. Which of them rushing, once again no need to explain.