Putin gave a thrashing Surkov for the failure in Ukraine and set a new task – SBU

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed his aides and secret services to achieve “a reboot of the ruling regime in Ukraine.” This was at the briefing on Saturday said the Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak.

“Today the intelligence services of the Russian Federation, attempts to destabilize the situation in Ukraine by organizing artificial provocative protest actions”, – said the head of the SBU.

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It is reported that from January 2017 in the Western and Northern regions of Ukraine on a single plan of provocation committed by the organization psevdoprotestny shares. All was documented 15 such actions with the participation of representatives of the supposedly Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian ethnic communities. The Minister added that the purpose of these actions was to provoke inter-ethnic conflicts.

“The SBU exposed the organizers of fake stock, sources of financing and the existence of a single scenario of their conduct by the intelligence services of the Russian Federation”, – said Hrytsak.

“Attempts to undermine Ukraine are continuing. According to operational information, at a closed meeting of the top leadership of the Russian Federation in may this year, the head of Russia (President Vladimir Putin – ed.) has criticized his assistant (Vladislav) Surkov for the failure of the operation to destabilize public-political situation in Ukraine. At the same time put a new task – in the shortest possible time to achieve the so-called, literally, “a reboot of the ruling regime in Ukraine.” And now a place for provocation was chosen as the capital city of Kiev”, – said the head of Department.

According to him, the SBU has prevented six attempts of company shares at the Polish Embassy in Kiev.

“Only during the week, from 28 June to 4 July 2017, the service was blown six attempts from the Russian side to organize a protest at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine. Only at the Embassy six times,” said Hrytsak.

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He said that the coordinators of Russia demanded from his counterpart in Kiev to hold a rally to mark the anniversary of the Volyn tragedy.

According to Hrytsak, the seventh provocation was organized at the building of the Polish Consulate. And the organizers have paid 3 thousand dollars.

“Hired representatives okolokriminalnyh circles had to install an impromptu gallows, pour red paint and burn the image of the Polish historical figures to fire flares, send extremist slogans. These actions are expected to provoke a physical confrontation with law enforcement authorities”, – said the head of the SBU.

However, he added that out of the allocated 3 thousand dollars performers 2 thousand appropriated, and the action sent only 1 thousand.

SBU documented the instructing of participants and their movement to the event.

“The same day employees of SBU together with detained 29 Nicolicea provocateurs. Among them was the promoter, who has already given testimony with regard to customers”, – said Hrytsak.

Earlier the head of SBU Vasily Gritsak also said that from Russia was trying to organize provocations in the GPU and the AP.