The licensing of lotteries will budget billions of hryvnia – MPs

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine estimates the real amount of the lottery market in 40 billion In 2013, legal gambling, the company declared an income of 12.4 billion UAH paid in taxes less than 3% of this amount. Since then, tax revenues have declined three times.

If the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine will do their duty for the development and adoption of new licensing conditions for conducting lottery business, according to conservative estimates, the state budget will receive about $ 1 billion per year already in 2017, writes citing experts.

MP of Ukraine, Chairman of the budget Committee Nina Southerner said: “… we are talking about 5-6 billion hryvnia, which goes into the pockets of certain political forces that “protect” the whole situation. You need to create a Central system that is controlled by the state when every transaction is immediately automatically with tax deductions”.

4 years ago was adopted the Law of Ukraine “On state lotteries”, which provided for paid licensing of market participants. However, until now not developed licensing conditions, and the whole market works on the transitional provisions of the law on lotteries from 2012.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Leonid Kozachenko: “there are a lot of questions why this is so, surely the responsibility lies with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and it must take decisions, so the Minister needs to give an answer about what’s going on”.

The optimal model of organization of gambling business is limited competition in the form of licensing a particular form of gambling, according to the policy. License with the annual fee can be a reliable way of shadowing, as well as a simple way of combating tax evasion and channelling funds to the Ukrainian Treasury.

Alexander Kirsch, the people’s Deputy from “popular front”, “Just needs to be a license granting the right to play for a certain period. The cost of the license should be high enough to be under the power of those who lose, but not to be their tragedy. These licenses must be a tax on players and actually replaced by a property qualification. For companies, too, must be the license and also paid. They will tax the company.”