Horoscope for March 26 – April 1: the Fish opens unexpected sources of income, and Scorpio is impossible to overspend

ARIES. It’s time to upgrade the image, he steeped himself in “mothballs”. A makeover, you need to update not only the wardrobe, but, above all, to get rid of negative habits, sucking precious power. To break the chains of various addictions, complexes, that is “reboot” at the internal level. Then health will improve, energy rasplachivaetsya and Sufentanil.

At work do not spray the useless power, and demonstrating a will to work, follow a profitable business. In the way of enrichment the gate opened for pragmatists and rationalists.

Married couples have a degree of feelings rolls over, live in love and friendship, next the blessed one partner is the best to find. And don’t try to make him henpecked! This is from the evil one, who is sly and tries to defile your ideals, worldview.

TAURUS. Do not call the fire itself, and slow down and go into clandestine mode. In the silence of seclusion away from human hustle and bustle is more comfortable for body and soul. Analyze the past, filtering out the most valuable achievements over the past year, draw conclusions on mistakes to continue, not to repeat them. And set the internal timer to the wave of self-sacrifice.

Now to the solution of other problems, charity, modeling their plans for the future. Pray, dream quietly, putting back a maximum of emotion. And believe in the best then it materializes. The power of faith is a powerful force that can create anything you want!

GEMINI. You need a vigorous reorganization in a friendly series where designed to do revision with “cleaning”. A friendly environment is the test of spiritual maturity, right now you’ll be judged by comrades. This applies to both your colleagues and old friends, pious. Together you will face unfinished (karmically) the General case until June 9.

In the implementation of personal plans, family issues rely on spiritual associates. And on the physical plane to avoid fatigue, not to get sick.

From couples — love transformation of values. To bowl marital happiness is not emptied out, to sing the word “praises” a little, giving hearts to each other!

CANCERS. Your meat place — professional sphere. Hold tight in the hands of the business wheel, there is the dramatic turn in your career, business, possible perturbations with senior staff, staff rotation.

Even if your speciality is consistent with the creative vocation fits into the requirements of society, be alert. If you want to resolve service issues — temper by storm this is not done, patiently “hatched” plans, wait for the moment and clearly in unison desires hit the point, appealing to the noble strings of the chef.

Now you are at the peak of the achievements of a year. Be careful not to “klyuyte” on the service of provocation, otherwise we are going down again.

LIONS. Tune in to lyrical and heart calls in a fairy tale called “Love”, follow their impulses, they will not disappoint.

Now you need a fresh exciting feel. The ideal of love going through a phase of transformation, freeing up space for the revival of a new palette of feelings. Perhaps you are in a long-standing partner opens the new deep face and surprised to find that they are ready again in love with him.

But random romantic attraction is a temptation from the evil one.

Regularly communicate with people, be in public, demonstrating the best qualities, to win the favor of the people that you will need later.

Chef stay away, he’s aggressive.

VIRGO. It’s time to add sweet “peppercorns” marriage of the senses, breathing the fire of life into the embers of the relationship. Equivalent if the contribution of the Deposit in the “Treasury” of shared resources? Some who have a “debt” and keep the word? That’s what will excite most. Fairly put emphasis, agree, the imbalance between “give” and “to”, “want-should” should not be. And in the intima, too (now you have a high sexual tone).

Strive for objectivity, and most importantly — do not underestimate your own self-esteem!

Business cooperation is also a concern. Here you are bound by the joint commitments, interests, and so move in unison and do not place the companion running boards, avoid debt.

LIBRA. The theme of partnership of the Commonwealth, relations “I-you” will become very serious. There is a “reboot”, utilizing developed relationships. One swallow does not a spring make, luck can only count in a harmonious pair, the business team. Follow the chosen one as a thread follows a needle, obey his rules and requirements. Will not regret it.

If configured to manipulate others, will not work. You need loyal allies, they call the shots and set the tone of the situations. Not to make enemies, use diplomacy and nobility in critical moments is the key to successful cooperation for the future.

SCORPIONS. Official marathon in the middle of a load of obligations will increase, more work will be added. You will find the role “mnogostanochnik”. And some even will have an affair with a colleague. Competitors do not fight, and try to turn them into allies.

Now for employers you are a precious gem, the fiery enthusiast, the gold Fund of personnel in the team. Neither will load, hard pull like an ox. Although the pay is difficult. But material avoid ultimatums, be content with what you give. And that is not paid, it will be reckoned in the heavenly office as charity.

Now we need to live modestly, don’t overspend, and saved a penny to postpone for an important purchase.

At a critical moment the Hand of Almighty God will always send help.

ARCHERS. Wake up from hibernation! In the sphere of love “reformatting”, the heart quivers full of inspirational feelings. Life is beautiful!

If you have any “slip” in your career, business, face a scolding from his superiors, the best insurance will be a love connection, personal charm. Learning to charm you don’t need this art is possessed of brilliant.

Main thing is to keep your nose to the wind. All the “ping his” around the world “is full of” temptations, provocations, where weak individuals are exposed to fall into the trap of what is unclean. As a result, suffer the old friends of the poor become extreme.

To create a team in a prestigious friendly clan for the sake of power over others, material wealth is also the handwriting of the evil one.

CAPRICORNS. Correction of errors make the excursion into the past, rewind the tape back. To make a step forward, it is necessary to delve into the memory and the scenario of recurring events to transform in a new way, taking into account all the “pros” and “cons” are primarily family problems.

Your home is a fortress and a powerful rear, where you can always recover. Enjoy domestic happiness, remember the ancestors, explore the genealogical roots and love of the household. By the way, family and national tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the passing of the light descendants.

AQUARIANS. Accumulate wealth not on Earth (it is mortal), and in the Sky. Now your priority to spiritual values, and the contents of the purse do not worry. Follow the high ideals, develop friendships, look for kindred souls among strangers.

To criticize, to instruct on the “path of truth” no need, the ability to speak or to remain silent is a Golden asset. The main thing — to remove the plank from your own eye.

Under own roof active time, skillfully host together with household things in order in the house, at their summer cottage.

FISH. Say goodbye to the past, to take on arms the best experience and boldly move forward. Now self-esteem changes dramatically, now you without hesitation know what you want, and this shortens the path by removing obstacles to the goal. Again in “the kings”!

Fortunately, opens unexpected sources of income, so don’t miss out advantageous business deals. Make friends with the boss, don’t “tease” him by talking on a financial topic or promotion, awaken the evil (here lurks the devil).

What you get, honestly earned — get. No longer pretend. And be sure to share the financing of good projects for you. Don’t skimp, and remember, the hand giving will not become scanty.