Aggressive diplomacy Putin to divide and weaken the allies, taking advantage of the chaos in the US

On the background of harassment associated with the scandal surrounding questionable contacts entourage of the President of trump with the Russian side, Putin’s administration is behaving more and more aggressive. Hopes for improvement in Russian-American relations collapsed. The Kremlin believes that he had a diplomatic chance to weaken the influence of the United States, taking advantage of the chaos in this country. Experts believe that President Putin focuses on how to make a rift between the United States and allied countries.

On June 15, President Putin criticized the FBI Director James Komi (James Comey), which at the hearings in the U.S. Congress confirmed that Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential elections in 2016. He compared the Komi Republic, which opened the conversation with trump, with Edward Snowden who revealed the us secret information and fled to Russia. “We are ready to take Komi Republic”, — said Putin.

The Putin administration has denied involvement in the Russian scandal, and stresses that Russia used to American internal political struggle. At the same time it mocks US.

In may, the Russian foreign Ministry has released a online video in which the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov making fun of US during the meeting with representatives of the European Parliament.

In the United States fear Russia stronger: on 15 June, the Senate passed a bill according to which in order to cancel anti-Russian sanctions, it is necessary to check Congress. Why Russia feels at ease, despite the headwinds? “Because of the political chaos of the American presence in the world is reduced. Also plus the fact that in the diplomatic sphere there is more room for maneuver,” — said a source in the Russian government.

Also, this source gave the example of the April visit to Moscow, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and his talks with President Putin. The administration of ex-President Obama, on whose initiative was introduced anti-Russian economic sanctions related to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, hampered the rapprochement of Japan and Russia.

Now the Russian side sees the situation this way: Prime Minister Abe believes that trump administration would not interfere in Russian-Japanese relations, and so he decided to postpone his visit from regional cities to the capital.


Russia wants Japan to become independent of the United States. In the course of communication with media, on 1 June, President Putin said: “Maybe if the Southern Kuril Islands come under Japanese sovereignty, there will be deployed an American military base.” He pressed on Japan, stressing that the Japan-us Alliance harms the negotiations on the “Northern territories”.

In Europe there is a growing distrust of the United States, with the result that everything goes according to the plan of the Kremlin. In may summit of heads of the NATO countries. President trump spared the fifth paragraph of the NATO agreement on collective defense, which shocked the Eastern European countries under Russian pressure.

After the G7 summit in the Italian Taormina, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that came to an end a period when Europe can rely on other countries, thereby causing serious repercussions.

With regard to the Middle East, there has been a rift between us allies. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries broke off diplomatic relations with Qatar.

It is assumed that all began with, according to media reports, the head of Qatar made friendly statements against Iran, which rivals Saudi Arabia. There are suspicions that it is a fake news under the guise of news agencies spread the Russian hacker group.

June 13 in the course of the hearings in the Senate the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis expressed concern: “Russia is trying to break down the various interstate coalition.” Commenting on the goal of Putin’s administration, a source close to the Russian government noted: “the Kremlin is trying to weaken US influence in the presidency of Donald trump”.