10 unexpected signs that you are a smart man

You go to bed late, seem a bit disorganized and not very confident? Although these traits are considered negative, each is associated with a high level of intelligence, writes likar.info.

You left – handed. On the one hand, you have to deal with computer mouse and you may be easier to count. Scientists from the University of Liverpool and the University of Milan conducted a study with the participation of 2300 young people aged 6 to 17 years. Those participants of experiment who since childhood write with my left hand much better cope with mathematical tasks.

“The difference has become less noticeable after taking into account sex, age and type of task, and yet a connection is present,” said study leader Giovanni Sala.

You are a bit careless. Make a fuss about purity on the desktop with the aim of improving performance is a mistake. Researchers from the University of Groningen in 2012 proved that some people think more clearly when around them literally in chaos. Creating what we called the mess, these people sought to simplify tasks and it worked. No wonder some famous thinkers such as albert Einstein and Roald was known not only for his genius but also an extremely high degree of carelessness.

You don’t always follow what you say. Scientists from the Massachusetts College of liberal arts in 2014, published in the journal Language Sciences the results of a entertaining study. They argue that some people who often swear, swear and swear, are not always negative characters.

Researchers have shown, many of them have a larger vocabulary than their peers eloquent.

You have a great sense of humor. There is a strong link between humor and General intelligence, and this relationship was proven by scientists from Aberystwyth University in Wales. In their study, they found that a good sense of humor is sexually attractive because it shows mental superiority, creativity and other positive qualities.

Know when and what to say to amuse the interlocutor, initially, requires the intellectual abilities of an intelligent man.

You go to bed late. Night owls are often smarter than those who go to bed with the sun. These are the results of a study published in 2009. It was found that preferring to go to bed early, usually more lazy and less inclined to learn something new.

You later received sexual experience. In a study published in 2000, scientists from the University of North Carolina at chapel hill proved some connection between the mind and the first sexual experience. They argue that people who haven’t had sex in adolescence, grew up smarter than their peers.

Researchers tested the intelligence of adolescents with the help of a test called the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (knowledge test what is shown in the picture) and was surprised to hear that more educated sexually teen IQ was generally lower.

You alarmist. People who worry about and no more intelligent than indifferent. According to the study, researchers from Lakehead University in Ontario, and the ability to project potential events, shows a more developed intellect.

“These people deeply analyze the past and is able to imagine the future with all its fears and risks in more detail. Such an intense cerebral and emotional activity leads to the fact that worrying about global, these people often are worried over nothing,” said the scientists.

You have low self-esteem. This effect is called Dunning-Kruger. He describes how less competent people often estimate their intelligence higher than it actually is, while the really smart people tend to downplay their abilities and knowledge. That’s why stupid people often say with more confidence than intellectuals.

You are the eldest child in the family. If you are the eldest child in the family, then you are likely a smart person. Scientists have found that older children have higher IQ test than their younger brothers and sisters.

Study leader Professor Petter Kristensen at the National Institute of occupational health in Norway said: “We found that the development of older children are more affected than biological, and social factors. Even those children who became senior after the death of the firstborn, demonstrated more abilities and skills than younger”.

You have a cat. A study conducted in 2014 by researchers from the University of Wisconsin, says: cat owners smarter than dog owners.

And cat lovers are more sensitive and open, but less energetic. However, do not rush to expel the Mukhtar of the house, because among dog owners, too, were extraordinary minds. And animals have nothing.