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Profession dentist is quite a broad concept that includes many different areas:

  • Therapy. Dentists-physicians usually see patients with a minimal damage to the teeth (caries, problems with the channels, filling).
  • Surgery. Dental surgeons perform dental treatment in situations when a dental therapist is powerless.
  • Orthopedics. Dentists, podiatrists undertake the rehabilitation and prosthetics.
  • Periodontics. Dentists periodontists perform treatment of diseases of the gums and soft tissues around the teeth. One of the most dangerous diseases that cures periodontist is periodontal disease.
  • Orthodontology. Orthodontists are correcting and treating disorders of the formation and development of the chewing-the vocal apparatus. Often, we are talking about congenital issues, but not purchased due to different injuries

Today to find a good specialist is not so easy, but every dentist is a “Dentist 101” will be ready to help You solve any tasks required dental treatment, ranging from a simple professional teeth cleaning to complex surgical operations of the mouth.

When to visit the dentist?

To visit the dentist should not only if you experience toothache, inflammation and bleeding gums, but in those cases if you have discomfort when chewing or painful reaction to hot or cold.

Other good reasons to visit the dentist: the precariousness of teeth, malocclusion, bad breath, seal the submandibular lymph nodes, plaque, damaged teeth, the correction of crowns etc do dentists recommend a visit to the dental office for the prevention 2 times a year to avoid then complex and expensive procedures.

What measures should be taken before visiting the dentist?

2 hours before the dental visit, you should refrain from Smoking before going to the dental clinic should be thoroughly brush your teeth and refrain from eating after brushing your teeth to the dentist could lead a comfortable work.

What tests and examinations may appoint a dentist?

After the initial consultation, the dentist, the patient can be assigned to the following procedures:

  • X-rays;
  • Dentist consultation-periodontist, an orthodontist or dental surgeon;
  • Passage of orthopantomogram;

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