The General staff responded to the military exercises of the Russian Federation in the Crimea

Ukrainian military leadership is monitorif the situation with the teachings of the occupants in the annexed Crimea and is ready to respond to any possible threat from Russia. This was stated in comments Crimea.The realities of the speaker of the General staff of Ukraine Vladyslav Seleznyov.

“For these teachings and the relevant bodies authorized to conduct such activities, we observe. We do this because the exercises are held in the temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation territory, and they attracted a large number of airborne troops of the Armed forces of Russia”, – said Seleznev.

He also noted that Ukraine is ready to respond appropriately in the event of military aggression by any stretch of the Ukrainian-Russian border.

“Our analysts calculate the risks and then adjustments are made to plans of combat training of units and is proper control over these measures,” – said Seleznev.

We will remind, yesterday in the occupied Crimea began large-scale exercises involving three of the compounds of the airborne troops of the Russian Federation and the black sea fleet and Air and space forces. Just maneuvers on the ground Opuk involved more than 2,5 thousand Marines and about 600 units of military equipment.