In Ukraine began to withdraw auto foreign numbers

Ukrainian roads are crowded with cars foreign numbers. According to the customs service such machines in the country strand 50 thousand But activists who advocate for the legalization of uncleared cars, call number 1.5 – 2 million, writes UBR.

Recently social activists held another protest near the Parliament urging them to pass a bill allowing Ukraine to move on to uncleared cars and paying every year to the state Treasury a fixed amount.

Revitalization of the owners of “foreign” cars is due to the fact that the police together with the GFS and customs officers began to conduct raids to identify such machines. Owners do not just fined, but taken transport on the penalty-area.

In some cases, the police sends these vehicles to the customs for the payment of fines.

“There were cases when cars were taken away, someone demanded a bribe,” — said the MP Yuriy Derevyanko. For example, in Chernihiv region SBU together with prosecutors detained the bribe of two employees statusword management of prevention activities of national police, who demanded money from drivers of cars on foreign registration.

Confirm the RAID and the SFS of the Kiev customs. As noted in Department, within the framework of joint activities with law enforcement agencies, including Nicolicea, they seized 4 vehicles with foreign registration.

According to the legislation, uncleared car can stay on the territory of Ukraine only 5 – 10 days

Machines were taken under the protocols on violation of customs rules, made under article 485 of the Customs code. It provides for a penalty of 300% of the cost of customs clearance. The specific amounts in each case are different and depend on the cost of car, amount of engines, etc., but in any case we are talking about big money — hundreds of thousands of hryvnia. However, such cases are still rare. Basically, in the design of the Protocol, the customs officers will force the car owner to pay a fine in the amount of 8.5 thousand UAH and take the car out of the country. And only in case of failure, the driver can recover 300% of Rustavi car.

According to the Chairman of OO “Autoerosale” Oleg Yaroshevich, raids are taking place almost in all regions of Ukraine. In order to pay off customs officials, motorists lay from 5 to 10 thousand UAH. Many agree to pay, as they do not want to lose the car and then to rescue it from the impound lot, pay thousands in fines.

Problematic “foreigners”

As noted automotive expert Alexey Chernyak, it is not clear what the government will do with the seized machine in that case, if the owner does not want to pay the fine, which is several times the value of the car. Theoretically, you can implement it as seized property at auction. But despite the fact that normally the lots are sold with a substantial discount, it is not clear who will be involved in the formulation of transport policies: the state or the new owner.

According to the legislation, uncleared car can stay on the territory of Ukraine only 5 – 10 days. In practice, such machines are imported and sold to citizens of other countries. On the border with Ukraine, they sign a commitment that at the end of the year will take the vehicle back and will not send it to the property of the Ukrainians.

“The police have no authority to temporarily detain vehicles just because they are foreign numbers. And customs officials the authority to prosecute for violation of customs regulations within the limits of the border zone, and what are the drivers,” said avtoyurist Bogdan Hladik.

As told the head of the Ukrainian Association of automobile importers and dealers Oleg Nazarenko, to enjoy the year these cars can only non — resident foreigners or Ukrainians, having in the passport a stamp about permanent consular registration in another country.

Although Ukrainians use the services of companies which help them, supposedly to get a job abroad and to ride a car decorated in this company. However, this scheme is also highly questionable.

But the law on the national police does not allow law enforcement officers to monitor compliance with customs rules. Therefore, the police alone can not bring the driver to justice for driving on uncleared cars.

However, as noted by partner UK “Pravozahist Ukraine” Olga Nikolayenko, between the bodies of SFS (they are responsible including for customs) and the police carried out the automated exchange of information on vehicles crossing the border of our country. In particular, with respect to customs clearance and state registration.

That is, the police may record the violation and pass that information to the taxmen and customs officers, in turn, will charge the driver a fine.”It is important to note that payment of the fine does not relieve the motorist and the subsequent payment of customs payments”, — said the lawyer of law firm “Misechko and Partners”.