How to choose a quality metal-plastic Windows: we believe the camera and conduct the test with a lighter

Window replacement is serious business. It is through them takes the most heat, which is so expensive for Ukrainians. How to check whether a submitted “econmically” information that is, in fact, we were told the engineer-designer of PVC Windows and aluminum structures Vladimir Savchuk and installer of Windows, Vitaly Chulkov.

BELIEVE CAMERA. Usually in glass claimed a certain number of cameras. They are responsible for heat and sound. Check their number can be, bringing a burning match to the glass — how much dual lights will be in the reflection, so much glass and installed the glass.

TEPLOSBEREZHENIE. If the manufacturer declares that his window heat due to low deposition on the inner glass, you may use a lighted match. One of the lights will vary in color (may be pinkish, reddish or bluish tint). If you got to the documentation, the letter S means that the glass is colored or tinted, but Pl proves the presence of the reflective film. Here you can check the quality of glass: the marking may indicate M1, M2, M3 and M4 — the lower the number, the better the glass.

CONTENT. The gas is in the glass or of ordinary air, can be determined from manufacturer’s documents in the section marking cameras. The absence of letters indicates that the glazing of ordinary air, Ar — spelled when the air chamber is filled with argon, Kr — krypton, SF — sulfur hexafluoride (sulfur hexafluoride). Ar25/Kr75, Ar50/SF50, etc. means that in the cell gas mixture. You can still look for a hole or valve through which the pumped gas.

AFTER THE WINTER. If you bought an apartment in the building in the winter to check for condensation, freezing ice, damp or moldy walls. This is evidence that the window was depressurized during Assembly or installation, and therefore, warm and dry in the house will not. If you find such problem, we need to demand that the developer offset the installation.

SLAM THE DOORS. Be sure to check all mechanisms and hardware of the window. It’s not supposed to dance, but also a Herculean effort to close/open the window to make you should not. If something is not open — ask for repair. Also try to open the window 90 degrees and put it in the mode of ventilation. If the window rests on a bottom of the loop — so there is no mechanism that can block the mistaken opening. This leaf is unsafe, it may even fall off and cause injuries.